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Are we misunderstanding each other?

Posted by Historian on February 05, 2004 at 09:30:06

In Reply to: Not everything posted by Jane on February 05, 2004 at 08:04:06:

You wrote:
"I love the judgemental way you talk. "

All I wrote, after quoting 2 people, was:
"If the intended context is what I understand it to be, I am reminded of some facts: Many people were convinced that TF would actually sue, using an army of Scientology lawyers to shut down all these sites in one fell swoop. People resigned from their positions to limit their exposure to liability. Content displeasing to FCF and Grant was removed from several sites."

What I was trying to say was:
IF the context of those exchanges I quoted is that people say "sue" all the time but never do, as Anneke is also trying to say now, "it would never come down to a court appearance"; now that we have the benefit of hindsight, the context appears to be to discount the fact that the possibility of going to court was very real in many people's minds. I am stating the facts that
some very influential people were convinced about an impending lawsuit. The feared Scientologist lawyers were mentioned over and over, and content was actually removed from boards at the specific behest of Grant.

I wasn't talking about archives.

I never said anything about Anneke.

I never talked about motives for befriending FCF people.

I never talked about purged messages due to lack of space.

I never implied or meant to imply conspiracy.

I was just trying to state the facts, Ma'am.

If you are of the opinion I have slung mud at anyone, please explain.