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Re:Gary/Combos..grouping...split ups/white book

Posted by Farmer on February 09, 2004 at 23:53:11

In Reply to: Re: Do you get that Gary???The mess you've.... posted by susie on February 09, 2004 at 01:09:03:

Hi Susie, I am afraid that I can't shed too much light on your particular question/issue...however I
should may be share, why it rang a bell,when Acheik
shared things she knew about Gary etc.
I left India autumn 86 going on to Nepal for another year.
I got mated there & returned 89 for 6 month to
India,mainly Madras.Meanhile Combomania had set in;
children were grouped by age & spent a week with fosterparents, starting with babies to whatever age...We were asked to read the white book, which was basically behind the changes & I think it came
straight from the vulcano/Berg/mountain & his staff, what the message, ideas, goals are concerned.. P.P. ..Paul (what Papers???) that is... was
then ambassador, so to speak, & I think before that he'd been to Thailand, with similar results I now learned about, Tks. to the board!!!!

What I remembered more than anything, besides the
thing I wouldn't swallow, the children's grouping
(I had particularly one little boy crying for his parents, it was heartbreaking, unneeded pain IMO,
plus I thought of my boy, being 1 1/2 at that time), was this drive for couples to get the "vic." or suggesting to the "stronger part" to move on, if need be without that hindering other "half" main argument was, that time ...yeah : ( !!!! so short, so leadership, foremost Gary then, was encouraging break ups, to "liberate" the more Tf-submissive, "on fire" member from the breakshoe, husband or wife...mind you, there are some quotes, blah, blah...but when I heard, what it actually did to someone, an Italian, I met in Italy, who got seperated from his Ethiopian wife...terrible...I mean, she probably didn't fight for staying together too much either, but the point is, leadership helped again & again in splitting up couples, which is veeeeery faaaar from that what I see depicted in the Bible...They didn't care about anybodies feelings, grandparents, kids etc...
Sorry I yet don't remember anyone with that name, unless he had another name before that???And which area in India was he???But my sincere regrets for
what happened to him & also I feel sorry for you!!