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Re: Berg in it for the money?

Posted by Passing By on April 15, 2004 at 10:08:28

In Reply to: Re: Berg in it for the money? posted by Ruth on April 13, 2004 at 16:36:27:

You've got something here...

There was a time when the number of homes remain steadily at about 2000 when he started pushing for tithes to be $100 (I was explained later that it was really a wake up call to homes in rich countries like the US). I was giving about $20-30 at the time and I know of other homes in poor countries who were about that much. A rough calculation is

250 homes in the US times $100 = $ 25,000
1750 homes left over at $25 = $ 43,750

total = $ 68,750 per month

Roughly, about 1 million dollars a year.

Considering that maybe some of the reported homes were non-revenue but consumers (WS, for example), even if we assign a 40% for expenses and a 10% for loss of revenue we will have about half a million dollars left!!!