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Re: As if....

Posted by Charlie on April 28, 2004 at 15:47:33

In Reply to: Re: Good question posted by Passing By on April 28, 2004 at 11:21:40:

...the PRINCIPLE (talking principle here) of something simple like Beauty For Ashes is adulterated. I'm not saying that any 'Berg spiel' or 'doctrinal spin' within Beauty for Ashes (if there is any), or any of the letters for that matter, isn't though. I agree with you that it's pretty much all adulterated with something of his, and that makes it not worth reading, imo. I don't care to have to wade through it or sort through it. But to say there's NO truth is a bit of stretch. Nevertheless, as far as I can tell, we've both denounced the dude and moved on in our lives, and there's a whole lotta beauty in that.