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new GN - 228-243

Posted by CNN on May 18, 2004 at 09:14:01

228. (Mama:) This anointing of obedience is for each person who's serious about wanting to obey the Lord and learning to walk in the fear of Him. He is providing what you need to make it. He wants you to make it. He wants to make it easier for you. So He's willing to give you this precious gift in the spirit.
229. I know many of you will want it and will want to start using it right away. The Lord says that it will help make the hard decisions easier, and that is a wonderful promise to hang on to!

230. (Jesus:) In truth, the anointing of obedience is yours the minute you ask for it after reading the preceding message on the subject. All you have to do is ask Me for it. Tell Me that you want it and need it. Take whatever steps I show you to get your heart right with Me, and to open the windows of Heaven fully to pour out on you My blessings. So often it's your lack of obedience and faith that keeps them shut. So make the conditions right on your end, knowing that they are right on My end, and I want to give you the strength, faith, determination, and all that you need to carry out your calling.
231. After you've asked Me for this anointing of obedience, then trust that you have it and begin to walk in your anointing. Use it, remind yourself of it when you're faced with a hard decision, and then go ahead and make the right choice!
232. This anointing of obedience is another of My gifts of love to you, and the more you use it, the more you'll feel it and benefit from it. It is available to all who ask and desire to fulfill My highest will. (End of message from Jesus.)

233. (Mama:) In order to receive and maintain this anointing, you will want to show you're serious by doing the following:

234. Cleanse your heart. Confess your sins. If you have been disobeying, disregarding the Word or the Charter, confess.
235. Stay right with the Lord by not committing the same sins. "Go and sin no more."
236. Live the Word revolution.
237. Get the right kinds of friends who will help you obey and not let you get away with sin, and who certainly won't push you to disobey.
238. Don't cover up for your friends. Be your brothers' keeper by helping to guide them the right way, and if they won't listen to you, get help.
239. Fellowship with people who are serving the Lord. Don't hang out with people who aren't hungry for the Lord's Word and Spirit or who would encourage you to compromise, as they'll only weaken your convictions.
240. Find out from God what He wants you to do, and do it.

241. This message is especially applicable to those of you who hope to be full-time disciples. The Lord is making the requirements for that privileged place of service stricter, and unless you are really dedicated at heart, you won't pan out; not only that, but you'll weaken and pull your Home down.
242. For those of you who really want to be disciples, no matter what the cost, it will be difficult. No one is thinking it won't be. Plenty of your friends might decide they don't want to be disciples; they might have it pretty good with an apartment, car, job, and girlfriend or boyfriend from the System. And if they still fellowship with you, that will be quite a pull for you, and even a source of discouragement. That is very real, and we are expecting that that will be the case for you young people who remain in the discipleship Family. You have to prepare for those battles, and this new anointing of obedience will be imperative for you. The Lord promises that it will give you the strength you need when you have no strength; it will put a vision before your eyes that will give you determination and a willingness to make the sacrifices needed, and it will be a blanket of comfort and happiness.
243. The warning from the Lord in this GN is especially for you who choose to be disciples, as He will hold you to the highest level of obedience and dedication. But this anointing of obedience is also especially for you disciples, and will make it easier and possible for you to fulfill this level of obedience that the Lord is asking for. This is a very precious privilege, and it's yours for the taking, if you're willing to fulfill the preceding requirements.
244. Thank you for taking this message and warning to heart. Again, please know that it's not easy for me to share the details of these young people's problems with you. My heart goes out to them, their loved ones, and all those who have been affected personally by what has befallen them. I pray you will not hold anything against them, that you won't talk about them behind their backs, that you won't get critical, but that you'll ponder these things in your heart and be wise by learning and changing yourself. Walk in the fear of the Lord and be blessed. We are praying for you and claiming the keys of conviction and obedience for you.
Much love and prayers,