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new GN - 41-90

Posted by CNN on May 18, 2004 at 09:17:59

41. The initial prayer request for Megan indicated that she was one of the best bellwethers in the area, with great potential. I'm sure that was quite confusing for many who read that prayer request, because if that were true‚ what was she doing taking drugs?! Well, people can be bellwethers at one point in time, but they can weaken‚ they can be influenced wrongly by others, and they can compromise and look back. From what we have been told‚ Megan had a lot of potential. But having potential to be a bellwether and actually being one are two different things. Or sometimes people are bellwethers at one point in time, going the right way themselves and leading others to do likewise, but as we've seen happen with both FGAs and SGAs, such potential people can at any point start making wrong decisions‚ compromising‚ going the way of the world, and then they're no longer bellwethers. It can happen to anyone, it can happen quickly, and it has happened to plenty of very potential leaders.
42. When people weaken and change and make wrong decisions‚ it sometimes happens because they fall in with the wrong crowd, or they stop diligently caring for their spiritual lives, or they harbor some kind of unconfessed sin in their lives. Perhaps she took in a lot from ex–members, or maybe she even allowed herself to be wrongly influenced by people in the Family. At times she must have put her carnal desires above her spiritual commitments.
43. As Megan and Gabe partied that night, you can be sure that they didn't think anything bad would happen. They were accountable according to the training they had received and their knowledge of the Lord and His Word, but they were willing to take risks because they didn't think things would go wrong--and that's representative of what many of you think. They thought they could get away with it, like all the other times they had compromised or disobeyed, and that they'd wake up in the morning and go on with business as usual. Isn't that what many of you think when you do something you know you shouldn't? "Nothing will happen. I'll get away with it."
44. Some of you yield to a disobedient spirit that convinces you to think, "So what if I disobey? Nothing happens. I do it all the time, I'm still serving the Lord." But you see, things do happen.
45. This is a pretty shocking example of the sad consequences of disobedience and lack of fear of the Lord. But I know there are a lot of you young people in the Family who are doing the same things--not necessarily taking drugs in every case, but disobeying consistently. I know that to be true because God showed me! And that's why He wants to use this example to wake you up‚ to show you that you won't get away with it anymore. Not that He's going to kill you or allow you to suffer the same thing, but God is a God of chastening and even judgment, just as He is a God of love and mercy. (See Gen.6:3a; Psa.89:30-32; Pro.29:1; Acts 5:1-11; Heb.10:26, 12:6-17.)
46. As I said, there are other factors in this situation with Megan that also weigh into the overall equation. We don't know about the quality of the shepherding Megan and Gabe received; we don't know how much contact they had with ex-members and people who were trying to pull them away from the Family; we don't know about their personal Word and prayer habits; and we don't know how much other unconfessed sin they harbored in their hearts. We could really dig deep and get all the nitty-gritty on this, as I'm sure there's more to it than the events of just that one night. But that's not necessary right now.
47. The reason I'm telling you this is not just because of what happened to Megan, but because of what might happen to you! This GN isn't just to give you information. If that were the case, then we could have just put a notice in the Grapevine explaining about Megan's death and the circumstances that surrounded it. The point is so that you can be warned. The point is that God allowed this to happen now. He took Megan's life when He could have healed her. And the reason is that He wants you to wake up, to be warned, and to change.
48. It would be terribly wrong of Peter and me if we didn't tell you what God has told us about Megan's death. We would be false shepherds if we didn't deliver to you the Lord's message about this. Some of you will believe it and others of you won't. But you all will have heard.

Why Did the Lord Allow Something So Severe?
49. You might feel that what happened to Megan seems too severe. Even knowing that Megan and Gabe were disobeying in taking drugs and overdrinking, you could easily feel that they probably deserved some consequence, since it's something that they obviously knew they shouldn't be doing, but still, it seems a bit extreme for Megan to lose her life over it!
50. Here is an explanation from the Lord on this. It's more important that you relate this to your life than thinking only about Megan and Gabe.

51. (Jesus:) It is the day of accountability, and therefore the day of reckoning and of judgment. This example and that of Joe's experience bring to life, in clear and living color, the principles that I have been putting forth in the GNs--that I am expecting that you, the children of David, will truly live by the Words and standards that I have put forth.
52. From almost the beginning of the Family you have known the principle that obedience brings My blessings, and disobedience opens your lives to problems and the attacks of the Enemy. You know that the Enemy is the accuser of the saints, that his job is to try to attack and find fault; and that as long as you are close to Me and obeying Me, he has no power over you, but that when you disobey, he is allowed to hinder and even harm.
53. The situations with Megan and Joe put some serious "skin" on these very basic principles that you have known but have not truly believed. If you had truly believed them, you would be living your lives in greater fear of Me and in greater obedience to Me than many of you are, or have been.
54. I must keep the children of David on the cutting edge of discipleship and spirituality. I must keep you alive, stirred up, and at the forefront of the battle against the Enemy. I will do whatever it takes to ensure that. In these cases, although it might sound severe, because of the choices they made and the consequences that followed, I have chosen to highlight their experiences for your sakes so that you might learn from their examples what can happen when you go down the path of disobedience and when you act in ways that displease Me.
55. Through your own doing, through your own choices, you lower the protective spiritual and physical force field around you, by which I protect you from the Enemy's attacks, and you let him in. Megan and Joe are special to Me, and I love them; but because I love them‚ and because I love all of My children and want to teach them what I know they need to learn, I could not let them continue on in their disobediences. And it was not one brief disobedience or moment of weakness that brought on these severe attacks of the Enemy; it was a step-by-step path of little choices, little sins, and little compromises, which finally brought them to a place where they were fairly far away from My charmed circle of protection, and allowing bigger sins and bigger compromises in their lives.
56. For many years I have allowed extra mercy and grace, and even in cases where the Enemy has had every right to attack and afflict you in My Family because of your disobediences, I often held him back and stayed his hand. Even in cases where he was entitled to punish you, I have usually chosen to show extra mercy. I have chosen to give many chances. I have chosen to give you much time to understand My ways and My principles. But the time is such that I will no longer be able to allow such extensions of grace from deserved consequences.
57. I am not becoming harsh and legalistic; I am still a God of love and mercy and forgiveness. But it is part of My love to teach you these lessons, to show you the truths of the spirit world, and to help you believe them so that you might obey them and that you might walk in the fear of Me, and you will therefore be the strong army, the weapon of war in My hand that I need in order to defeat the Enemy.

Text box.
58. (Jesus:) With the days of tribulation coming upon all the world and the miracles that I call on you to perform, I must get you in the habit of obedience and being fully within the circle of My will. The only way I can do that, like a parent training a child, is to let you experience the consequences when you step outside that circle, or to see what happens to others when they step outside that circle. It's not that I no longer want to protect you. It's that I need you very soon to begin to perform miracles that will be part of your witness in the Last Days, wonderful signs--not just healings and those types of miracles, but the showy, supernatural type that will make headlines and news, and will draw people to My message, to your intimacy with Me, to your level of obedience. These miracles will only be possible if you are humble, if you're completely within My will, if you're walking the straight and narrow, if you're the sample to the world of discipleship that I need you to be. Thus I must train you, so that you will be in the spiritual shape necessary in order to perform these miracles, lead people to Me‚ and be My witnesses of the Last Days.
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59. As it does with any good parent, there comes a point at which I must draw the line and say, "Thus far and no further." This is what is happening in the spirit now. There are others, in the Family and certainly in the world, who are perhaps more deserving of being punished by the Enemy's attacks than dear Megan and Joe, but, due to the choices that Megan and Joe made, their accountability, and the natural and spiritual consequences that followed, I chose to use them to teach you lessons about these important principles--very basic principles, really. And Megan and Joe are not the only ones, nor will they be. You will all begin to feel My hand more personally in your life--both the blessings of obedience and the lifting of My protection when you disobey. It is the era of accountability and obedience‚ My loves.
60. There should be no confusion in your mind as to why something like these events would happen. You know the principles that explain them. The problem is that because for so long you have gotten away with not following and obeying the principles‚ and you didn't see clearly what happened as a result, you have become confused.
61. You have built a false reality for yourselves in many cases, a false perception of My ways, a false expectation of how I work and how I react to ongoing deliberate disobediences. For many of you, My mercy has become a given. You expect it, you take it for granted, and so you lack the fear of Me. That affects your respect and desire for My Words and your implementation of them. You give yourself so much leeway, thinking that I will have abundant mercy and continue to give you more and more time and more and more chances, that you don't take it seriously anymore when I tell you that now is the time to do something. That is why I'm now warning you that you're not going to have that much time. You're not going to be given so many chances.
62. Although you might feel that you can get away with doing something against My will for a time, know that as surely as the sun rises each morning, what you do will come back to you; you will reap what you sow and bear the consequences of your decisions. When people begin to take My Words more seriously, they will strive to obey them. This increased fear of Me will bring about the atmosphere that is necessary if you are to be My miracle workers of the End‚ because you will have more faith, you will manifest more obedience, and you will receive more of My power and protection and blessings. It's a chain reaction. You needed the time of preparation. But now is the time of accountability.
63. I forgive all sins, yes. I love you no matter what you do, yes. If you are saved, you have a guaranteed place in My Kingdom, yes. Yet none of that grace and mercy negates the fact that I am also a God of righteous judgment, and I will "give unto every man according to his works," as My Word says (Pro.24:12). It is time for you to wake up, sober up, and believe these principles of cause and effect, decisions and consequences. That is in essence the key lesson and principle I wish to highlight for My children as they hear of these extreme attacks of the Enemy. (End of message from Jesus.)

64. (Mama:) I want to clarify before we go any further that not all bad things that happen are necessarily a result of the Lord's judgments. The Lord's wisdom and understanding and foresight go so very far beyond ours that it's impossible for us to put Him in a box and automatically assume why anything has happened. We must ask Him.
65. We do know for certain, however, that everything He allows to happen to us or to our loved ones, or that in any way touches our lives, happens for a reason (Pro.26:2). There's never a time that we can just shrug off something that happens as "coincidence" or "fate." There's always a lesson‚ a purpose, something the Lord wants us to get out of the situation. That's the way He works. He doesn't allow anything--and certainly not anything difficult or sad or bad--for no reason.
66. Sometimes He has to allow bad things to happen, and when they do, we should stop and seek Him for the reason. Sometimes something difficult, sad, or trying might just be an attack of the Enemy that the Lord allowed to wake us up‚ to help us tighten our spiritual defenses‚ to spur us to greater prayerfulness, to remind us of the spiritual warfare, to make us more desperate, or to get us moving in a certain direction. Other times it's a direct result of wrong decisions, disobedience, or sin, and He has to allow those consequences as chastisement. And there are many other reasons or possible scenarios as well.
67. It's not always that He's chastising us or judging us, but there is always a lesson to be learned. And in these two cases of Megan and Joe, the main lesson He wants to drive home to all of us is that He can no longer wink at blatant disobedience. Especially now that we've entered the era of accountability and obedience, the Lord wants us to realize that He's serious about what He tells us, and that it's for our own good. He promises that we're going to see the results of our actions--both good and bad--much more clearly. If we're wise, we'll take serious heed to this warning and seek the Lord about what it means for each one of us personally.

68. As you read this next message from Jesus, think about what it will take to turn your life around and become a strength to your fellow laborers, a strength to those who maybe haven't yet decided what to do, a strength to those who are new to the Family or young in the Lord and need an example to look up to.--Not an example of perfection, self-righteousness, or goodness in yourself, but an example of someone who loves the Lord and is willing to sacrifice in order to be His love for others.

The Need to Preserve the Sanctity of the Truth
69. (Jesus:) There is only one right way to look at the situation with Megan, and that right way is to look at your own heart, your own life‚ and see what I wish to teach you as a result. I allowed it, because you needed to see clear and undeniable consequences to shake you up, to wake you up, and to show you the fragility of life, as well as the fury of the Enemy of your soul. I allowed it to show you the reality of the spiritual warfare, and that the Enemy's power is real and must be fought and resisted at all costs. But isn't it very sad that I had to allow something so drastic?
70. I tell you plainly, My young ones‚ that your ranks are not as strong as they should be. I see many of you are weak, aimless, directionless, lacking conviction, and floating on the ocean of life. Why aren't you swimming? Why don't you know where you're going and how you're going to get there? Where are your guts to do what's right, to do what you know and are accountable for? If you don't start swimming with all your might, the currents of the Enemy will drag you down, and the riptides of the ocean will pull you under--down, down, down to spiritual or physical death.
71. My dear bride Megan was not as accountable as most of you young people in the Family are. She didn't have the heritage of faith, the life filled with truth that you have had. She was in the Family less than two years, and she was struggling to survive. But instead of joining the ranks of the bold, brave, unswerving children of David, the kind of ranks that would have strengthened her, bolstered her faith, and given her the spiritual support she needed, she joined the ranks of the half-hearted. So sad! And I'm not just talking about those she knew personally; this is a worldwide problem.
72. She was disillusioned because many of the young people she saw within the Family were gutless, half–hearted, struggling, and weak. She started to wonder why she had joined the army of the children of David. She started to wonder if it was really worth all the sacrifices. She started to wonder if she really wanted to be a disciple. After all, she hardly saw a sample from her peers. If most of the other young people around her weren't showing her what it meant to be a disciple for Jesus, a sold-out follower of the Words of David, then how can you blame her for weakening, for falling back into the ways of the world and seeking its pleasures?
73. The ranks of the youth of the children of David are weak; the walls of defense are crumbling. Many of you young soldiers don't even know what you're fighting for. You swing your sword a little here and you whack a few demons there, but for the rest of the time you're languishing in the trench of indecision, not sure if you want to fight or surrender. Where are your guts? Where are your fighting spirits? Have you actually joined the army? Why aren't you stronger? Why have you been so weakened? Why have your convictions waned so drastically? I want you to ask yourself these questions.
74. Megan is teaching you a lesson I pray you will never forget. You are the ones I'm talking to now. I'm holding Megan in My arms. I'm comforting her.
75. Megan pleads with you. She lost her life, and she doesn't want to see others lose theirs needlessly. She lay at death's door for so long so that you might have time to think, time to meditate, time to reflect‚ in the hope that your lives will never be the same. She wants her death to make a difference in your life, and it will if you get serious with Me. Her passing could have been swift and painless, but not nearly as powerful a testimony, as sobering a warning–-and as she lay in a physically unconscious state, I communed with her spirit and gave her a choice, and she chose the more difficult road--for you. Don't let her experience be in vain. Take stock of your life. Get desperate with Me. Take a good‚ hard look at yourself and see how you are failing, how you are weak, how you have been disobedient, and how you need to change in order to be what I need you to be.
76. Megan was as a lost sheep, seeking the truth, seeking answers. And then she found that truth and those answers in the Word and the truth of the Family; but among her peers she experienced disillusionment and confusion.
77. Her message to you is that there are many in the world right now who, like her, are searching for answers, searching for meaning, searching for truth. And you have the truth. But unless that truth is lived, upheld, and cherished with conviction by those within the ranks of the children of David, there will never be the great harvest I have spoken of, the great harvest I have promised. If the sanctity of the truth is not preserved, if the sample of discipleship is not upheld at all costs--by you, the youth--then you will fail. The lost sheep, the youth of the world, will come knocking on your doors and will even enter your midst, but will then experience confusion and disillusionment if you do not change things in your hearts, lives, and Homes.
78. The sheep who join the Family want to see youth who have broken away from the System, not those who are lusting after the world and its ways. Those who will flock to the children of David in the days to come want to see the youth of the Family as dedicated, conviction-filled revolutionaries, not namby-pamby, flimsy, see-through Christians who let all their bad habits and vices hang out. The youth harvest of the world who are ready to be reached want to see fire, devotion, strong goals in life, and determination in the young people of the Family, so that they can be proud to be a part of a powerful Endtime army‚ and so that they can be supported as they are strengthened in their convictions and learn to live the life of a disciple.
79. You can no longer languish in the valley of indecision. In the days to come, more "Megans" will enter your ranks--hoping to find the truth, seeking fulfillment and true freedom in the spirit‚ and wanting to go all the way for Me. But when they come, what will those new disciples see? Will they turn away in disillusionment? Or will you young people be strong in the power and might of My Spirit, strengthened in the Word and unbendable in your convictions and devotion to the truth? Will you be a band of brothers and sisters who will support and welcome and strengthen all of those who join in the days to come? Or will you grow weaker, till the ranks of the youth of the children of David crumble because of the ways of the world, the inroads of the Enemy, and the disobediences that eat away at your convictions? Think about it.
80. I cannot force you. I can only beg and plead, and this I do now. I say, if I am your God, then serve Me. But if the world and its ways be your passion, your desire, your longing, then go your way. How many times must I bring you to a point of decision? How many times must I tell you to count the cost? How many times must I beg you to make your calling and election sure? How many times, My young people, must I bring to your attention the spiritual warfare and the reality of the Enemy's power? What must I do before you will wake from your lethargy, before you will realize your calling in My army, and before you will take on the responsibility of wearing the whole armor of My Spirit, so that you will be able to withstand the attacks of the Enemy on your heart, mind, and spirit in these evil days?
81. There is no time to fiddle around, to dilly-dally, or to "wait and see." Your next day could be your last. Your next choice could be your last. So when you're faced with a choice, what are you going to do? Please, please make the right choices--the choices that will strengthen your spirits, the choices that will keep you on the straight and narrow. The straight and narrow road is getting narrower all the time, and the broad, wide road is getting easier to travel by the day.
82. You think you're too young? You think you'll make your commitments another day? I tell you that you're all old‚ because you could be gone tomorrow.
83. You've heard My calls. You've heard Me challenge you to make decisions before, and so often it rolls off you like water off a duck's back. But no more! I mean business! I'm serious! Do something today! Make solid decisions to turn your life around, to strengthen your spirit, before it's too late. (End of message from Jesus.)

Megan's Decision to Help the Young People
84. (Mama:) The Lord mentioned in that last message that He talked with Megan after the incident, before she passed on, and she was willing to let this be used as an example to all of us. Another channel received something very interesting along the same lines, before Megan went to be with the Lord.

85. (Note from WS member:) Dear Mama, I was taking prayer vigil time for Megan, and as I was praying, I was overwhelmed by this feeling or impression that she's about to pass on any time now. I just started crying and crying for the whole situation and those involved, and then received the following. Of course, Megan is still alive and fighting for her life, and I know that so much is dependent upon our prayers and decisions of the spirit and all sorts of things. So sending this to you is a step of faith, but I thought I'd send it anyway, for what it's worth. The Lord's perfect will be done.

86. (Jesus:) My dear Megan is about to come into My arms. She is as My Abner for today. Just as Abner was called upon to stand in the gap for the children of David so many years ago, so Megan will stand in the gap for the young people within the children of David.
87. Much hangs in the balance in the coming months within the ranks of My young people. Much prayer is needed, much intercession within the heavenly realm is needed‚ and so I am about to call My dear Megan to take her place among her predecessors as one who stands in the gap.
88. Some will question the way in which she passed into My arms. But even her manner of death is allowed by Me, as a great lesson, a great awakening to the seriousness of the times you're living in. Her passing will test the faith of some and stir the hearts and spirits of others to greater desperation and dedication of spirit.
89. So rest in My perfect ability to turn all things for your good and to get great victories out of even serious attacks of the Enemy. Already it has accomplished such great things in the hearts and spirits of many.
90. Soon she will have the wonderful release of being embraced by Me in mind and spirit, so that she will know her role, and as a true warrior‚ she will rise to the occasion! (End of message from Jesus.)