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new GN 91-99

Posted by CNN on May 18, 2004 at 09:19:09

91. (Mama:) Here is another message the Lord gave around the same time that further explains the choice that Megan made in the spirit while she was in the hospital. The Lord knew in this case that just having an accident of someone getting sick on drugs and alcohol was not going to be enough. He could have chosen to heal Megan in answer to our prayers and used it as a testimony that way. But I don't believe some of you would have gotten the point. It would have been just another miracle that you blew off as‚ "Oh, thank the Lord that worked out okay. It wasn't too bad after all."
92. That's not the point the Lord wants us to get. Yes, He is all-powerful and can heal anything. But sometimes there are consequences for disobedience, and He has warned us that more and more we will be feeling the consequences when we disobey. That's why in this case, He asked Megan if she would be willing to come Home to be with Him to drive home the seriousness of the situation. And Megan chose to give her life for each of you. That's something to take to heart personally.
93. You should also examine your own heart and ask yourself how willing you are to obey, whether you feel the consequences of disobedience or not. Maybe you've been disobeying in some area and haven't suffered for it yet, other than a guilty conscience, and you wonder if you can keep doing it without feeling the consequences. In a separate message on this point the Lord said: "It comes down to your personal faith and belief. If you're only obeying to avoid the consequences of disobedience, that might not seem to you like a good enough reason, but neither is it a bad reason. That's what the fear of God is--being afraid to disobey. Ideally, of course, your obedience should come from a personal commitment and dedication to Me, and it should come from love‚ from the heart, and from a healthy fear of Me, knowing that I know best, and that I hold you accountable for what you have been given, and that I will give you what is best for you if you will trust Me."
94. Here's the message explaining Megan's choice in spirit while in the hospital:

95. (Jesus:) Megan is even now deciding what to do. She knows that if she decides to give her life‚ many of My young people in the Family will be saved, for they will realize how serious it is. And yet it is a hard decision, one that she has spent many days contemplating and deciding, for it will affect her natural life forever. She must decide whether to give her life to you young people as a sacrifice to wake you up and get you to realize the dangers of disobedience--or whether to come back and be a living testimony of the effects and long-term damage that disobedience and abuse can have.
96. It's not an easy decision, for she loves her family and friends and doesn't want to hurt them. She cries with them, for she knows that the pain is very great. She feels nothing right now in her physical body, but her spirit groans and aches with great anguish. The call is hers and I am helping her, but the outcome will have an effect on you, My children of the children of David.
97. How many more must be given up? How many more of your brothers and sisters must lay down their lives so that you all may see the seriousness of this battle and the ramifications of your dedication or lack thereof? Must I cull a percentage? Must I suffer you all to be afflicted and to feel the pain that Megan's family and friends feel now? How much must be done for you all to wake up and realize that this is no longer a game? (End of message from Jesus.)

98. (Mama:) The Lord's warnings are sobering, and He wants us to gain a healthy fear of Him. He wants us to realize how serious it is. We can't just keep walking along‚ thinking everything's going to be okay, when we're walking right into the Enemy's line of fire!
99. I want to thank each of you who fought in the spirit beside Megan and her parents and all those involved in the situation. Your prayers, the messages from Heaven that you sent, your words of encouragement that you were fighting by their side in the battle, all of it was a tremendous boost and blessing. Your prayers opened the windows of Heaven to pour out the grace and strength and miracles that were needed. Even though the Lord chose to answer in a different way than most of us were probably originally praying, He did it in the way He knew best. And now we have Megan as a spirit helper and intercessor to help us from the other side. Thank You Jesus!