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Re: On the President's Speech to the War College

Posted by Acheick on May 25, 2004 at 11:17:52

In Reply to: On the President's Speech to the War College posted by Carol on May 25, 2004 at 08:39:50:

hmm..thanks for your thoughts. Too bad Germany and France DID have so much at stake in Iraq and IS the major reason they refused to support the U.S. They were buying bootlegged oil from Hussein. There is no country that is innocent in all this. Let's hope they come to the realization that if the U.S. fails and the terrorists and evil doers gain more ground, we'll only end up with more train blasts and such like in Spain. Right now, they are having fun running the world in their fanatical, evil ways. Did you know that the Saudis and OPEC regularly fix the price of gas per barrel so as to get the outcome of each election the way they want? They admitted to this publically. They have so much money in our universities, so much of their wahabism is being taught right here on our soil, it's downright criminal. We have a lot more to worry about than Iraq. They will be so happy if we lose there. Trouble is, it's the foreign fighters from Iran and Syria that are causing the insurrections and uprisings. I think we should have taken them out at the same time as Hussein, when we had the momentum. But that's just me. They were shaking in their boots, if Hussein could be overthrown so easily, who was next - they thought. Even Gadahffi sat up and listened and he is no longer a nuclear threat in that region! I never thought I'd see that day. Yes, a lot of mistakes were done and are still being done, but I'm still glad that Hussein is gone and the Iraqi people have a chance at a better life. I still hope it works. It's not over yet.