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Re: and now, a cultural moment...

Posted by kinda gentler on June 02, 2004 at 12:03:55

In Reply to: Re: and now, a cultural moment... posted by Oldtimer on June 02, 2004 at 11:03:50:

I know you are not posting to me, but you raise some interesting questions about the fallout of these kinds of teachings on males. Not to mention females who sexualize God.
When it comes to sexuality, there are plenty of scientific studies to indicate that preference has a basis largely in the "what you are born with category".
It is like the crime of rape. Rape is not really about sex but about an out of control person having a sense of power.
What I see in this as far as damages is that it is so far out there that time, unfortunately will tell much more about the outcome.
What it seems to be aimed at is keeping everyone in subservience to the queen. It is interesting how fixated Berg was on his penis. Now that Zerb is in charge, the Vagina is the center of the universe. hmmm. It all seems sexually charged but based on power and control. And the giving up of personal power and control.
All of the sexual doctrines concern me when it comes to the group, like intergenerational "sharing", loss of outside contact with tortuous readings but notice the two things that remain intact: "partying" = sex and alcohol. Keep them programmed and doped up. Talk about *dysfunctional* religion being the opiate of a people.
I didn't know Kelly called himself Jesus's pussy. What a frightening thought and discredit to that part of the body.