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Separate boards for separate topics

Posted by Coordinator on August 08, 2004 at 22:12:45

In Reply to: here she's goes again posted by susie on August 08, 2004 at 21:00:34:

Hi Susie. I regret that you feel you are being ignored because you are not. As you know, your previous post accusing this site of censorship was followed by a very lengthy string. Your post generated a great deal of discussion, including a detailed post by WC (the Webmaster) explaining this board's position and why in his opinion political discussions do not fulfill our mandate. It's not a matter of censorship, but of trying to accomplish something specific.

You will notice that WC did open the possibility of a separate Political Board in the title of his post. Please feel free to explain what you think would be the benefits of us opening a board dedicated to political subjects. However, in reponse to WC's post you asked:

"In other words, its ok for dogmatic posts about religion/christianity but not politics? There is constant referral to jesus etc on genx board but apart from a gentle reminder it has never been banned to my knowledge. I'm sorry but his is making me hot under the collar. I don't like censorship of any kind but selective censorship is even worse."

For the record, I am the Coordinator who is consistently giving the "gentle reminders" to posters to not discuss religious subjects on the GenX board. I am the one who consistently reposts them on Journeys and asks the discussion to continue there. You have often thanked me for doing this, so I thought you were cool about this.

You are correct in saying that there are ongoing referrals to Jesus, and in my opinion this is due to the nature of the pseudo-Christian cult we were all in. But if you find even the passing mention of the name of Jesus offensive, then maybe we need to discuss this and see what other posters think. But for the record, no, it is not "ok for dogmatic posts about religion/christianity" on GenX board and I am constantly on the lookout for posts of this nature. Such dogmatic posts have been few and far between and I have commented on them and directed the posters to Journeys every single time I have seen them.

By the way, you yourself have initiated religious debates on this board, asking Mr. Don how he could consider himself a Christian yet not be for gun control. That might be a good discussion to continue on Journeys, or perhaps on a new political board if we create one.