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Oldtimer? OldTimerToo?

Posted by Confused on August 10, 2004 at 21:12:44

Who is Oldtimer, and is he the same as OldTimerToo? and the recent posts by OldTimer, was that OldTimer getting tired of putting "Too" onto OldTimer?

I remember when Jewlz announced that she would be re-spelling her name Jules, and the confusion, fights and misundertstandings it caused. Jewlz went back to being Jewlz. Thank you Jelwz.

I think OldTimer isn't the same person as OldTimerToo, and I think OldTImerToo is causing confusion, and throwing readers off. There's no copyright on the name, but OldTimer has been around for years, and maybe it would be a good idea for OldTimerToo to use a different nick altogether? Or maybe go with OT2 which doesn't look like OldTImer but still retains the meaning.