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Thots on litnessing MLs

Posted by Observer on August 14, 2004 at 18:24:07

I was always a shamer, never got more than 30 pieces per hour sold, max, & often only half that much. In burned-out areas I only did 10/hour. What a feeling of condemnation at the time & since litnessing was all we did, I lived with the feeling of a 2nd-class citizen.

When it came time to eat I had to buy small meals while the shiners bought full courses. Most of the time we tried to provision & we were usually successful to get something. But every night was the same ordeal, going from one cheap hotel to another looking for a place we could provision or afford to pay for. Some nights it too a couple hours looking for some teen kid who'd sneak us in his bedroom window. Not happy memories.

And then the big deal was how much money we brought in & of course the Shiners got to keep part of their earnings sort of like a commission while the rest of us got nothing.