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Re: Jerry Springer show. ..memory & liquidsintake

Posted by Farmer on August 31, 2004 at 14:50:00

In Reply to: Re: Jerry Springer show. posted by Jules on August 31, 2004 at 09:13:15:

My mother, who is way in her eighties, is asked by the doctors, to pls. make sure to drink enough liquids, especially during summer, as of late she is tending to forget a lot of things or getting things very mixed up...

In that sense, with some humor and sadness, could I urge the people wanting to post at the various boards to pls. make sure to have drunk enough water/liquids (not alcohol ; ) ) before posting....lest they should forget some "minor" detail...

However in this case, it doesn't seem to be a minor detail...since Jules is younger (young people always win in the memory-games against the older adults, remember??!), it seems to work in her addition to that, I could believe, it happened the way she portrayed it, as I think Sam presses quite hard, to get some results the way he wants & sees it...on the other hand his "clarification" sounds pretty straight "and free
of error"...

I guess I am not alone in disliking (in my case
strongly) such apparent contradictions...with the obvious conclusion, that both accounts can't be right.

And that I must confess makes me "nervous"!Why should anyone deliberately want to say the "grey...white" lie (you name it) on a board like this...true, truth is sometimes very hard to swallow & handle, but isn't this what people here are interested in to hear?? One could misunderstand &/or portray some complicated theory, which sometimes happens here, apparently...but when accounts of events of the involved parties are that much opposed, I begin to wonder.
I do know, that the testimonies of eyewitnesses in courtcase often also don't jive, especially the further away in time the crime happened, but I
believe we can "ask our consciousness" before posting: "Is the account I am giving/writing as
honest & truthful as possible"

Something is lacking/wrong somewhere & that is disturbing!!!!!!

I like to believe, that someone of the two either fell prey to some wrong information or that - lack of liquids - some info got forgotten, unintendedly twisted...

The other possibility I don't like: Facts got deliberately twisted.

Hope you guys can solve that...I very much wish that, since it seems already have caused heartaches & problems...& I respect you both for your cause in unmasking TF!!!!!