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Denial is just a river in Egypt, imo

Posted by Carol on September 04, 2004 at 20:34:59

In Reply to: To all who think I'm lying or telling the Truth posted by Mr. Don on September 03, 2004 at 19:46:36:

I hope you will reconsider your decision. I enjoy reading your posts. Besides your humor, the thing you've shared that has helped me the most is disclosure about your health problems. I also have health problems that keep me awake all night at times. It's nice to know I'm not alone. It doesn't matter to me that we don't agree on many things. What matters to me is that you are honest about who you are, even if some people find the truth of your reality difficult to accept. I know there are people who believe you are not being honest with yourself, but who are they to judge? Denial is just a river in Egypt, imo.