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Re: Nice of you, thanks...

Posted by Farmer on October 13, 2004 at 03:52:27

In Reply to: Re: Nice of you, thanks... posted by Jewlz on October 13, 2004 at 02:40:52:

Quite an experience!!!...not without my son...quite difficult to say though, what the solution between you could have been, seeing, that you were quite different, well, that was TF at it's "best" again...sad...Watching TV, I got a glimpse though, how many "system kids" (of fosterparents etc.) at one time get the "itchy feet", to look for the missing parent/s, quite heartbreaking to see those reunions.
Sad to say, kids take it so personal, thinking it was them, what caused the seperation...real sad.
I hope, your child is spared from that...

In Germany the mother has the "automatic" rights
over the kids, when small/unless proven as unfit, rather unlikely...especially when the
parents weren't legally married.The father has the
duty to support, also some visitation/fellowship-
rights, but at times mothers, who are/were at odds
with their Ex, instigated the kid, saying it didn't want to see the father or said, the child was sick...therewith rendering the visitationrules
pretty effectless.That has caused meanwhile some
alarm among child/familytherapists, psychologists
& sociologists, who say, that also the father/fatherfigure is important to the childs development.Sad, there are willing fathers without kids & there are negligient fathers, who are
closeby...quite a mess...