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Re: A safe place

Posted by ex-excog on October 19, 2004 at 14:31:41

In Reply to: Re: A safe place posted by Jewlz on October 18, 2004 at 22:59:06:

i'm not an atheist, and not even quite agnostic. i just like to think critically and believe spirituality is a private matter (though it can be discussed with others)
the truth is that in the excog american population there is not much variety because of culturally specific reasons. look at the cultural background of many americans who started in the cog.
i also feel there is not much space here and that some (the minority) are typically put on the defensive by the zealous "true believers" of some kind or other. ever since leaving TF it is dogma and groupthink and orwellian type thinking i have become most allergic to. I was allergic to that before as well, but i was so young. the aftermath definitely taught me to be ever vigilant, as the life of the mind (and soul) is a very precious asset and it needs to be cultivated and guarded.
if had a political asylum corner, =) and applications, i would have applied there, because it is much easier to relate to a lot of people there, who like me have been badly burned by dogma and fanaticism, and who come from more varied cultural backgrounds, etc. (in other words there is more diversity there) but they tend to see things in rather generational ways, and that leaves out people like me.
so i have just tried to find other places where i can discuss things. it is good to remember that these boards only reflect a small percentage of all the excogs in the world, although it is true that the cog was made of mostly americans with some sort of evangelical or born again christian background of some kind.
many of the excogs who were recruited in other parts of the world came from different, more varied cultural and religious backgrounds, and they are not represented by the majority who posts here.
anyway, i'm not sure this is going anywhere. i do wish you luck in finding people to share your thoughts with.