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Re: Journeys vs Kathy's Korner

Posted by Perry on October 19, 2004 at 20:18:04

In Reply to: Journeys vs Kathy's Korner posted by Roger on October 19, 2004 at 19:37:49:

Thanks for that clarification about Kathy's Korner. I didn't realise that. I have had good conversations with some Christians on this site and some very, very bad ones with others. I have a difficult time conversing with close-minded Christians who are certain they are "saved" and I'm going to hell. But I certainly have no problem associating or conversing with people who identify as Christian if they are open minded enough to accept that although they may sincerely believe they have the Truth, that sincere belief could be wrong. If they accept the possibility they may be wrong, then a conversation can take place in which they can consider the possibility that my naturalistic worldview could be right. In that situation it is likely that we would end up politely agreeing to disagree. However, if they are close-minded and absolutely certain their's is the Truth there is no room for discussion. They would effectively prejudge and condemn me according to the tenets of their religion and nothing I could say, other than to repent and accept their belief, would change their mind.

I think Journeys can work for atheists and agnostics, as you suggest, as long as their personal views are not just tolerated but that their right to express those views is respected as well. In other words, those who totally disagree with atheistic/agnostic/humanist views must still respect the personal journey of those on that path, and resist the temptation to denigrate us or proselytize.