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Family secrets.

Posted by other stories on November 26, 2004 at 20:59:07

In Reply to: Jaziz & the Japan teen suicide posted by heard of it on November 26, 2004 at 17:59:19:

In early TSC time, there was the death of a youth in a pond there..the story passed vaguely from person to person, but it was not discussed. Some people when they refer to Aaron Berg refer to it as a murder insinuating he was pushed. I could see him committing suicide OR being pushed. I have to wonder about some of the family's suicides. Seems they have a large rate of it compared to a population slice of society at large. And you are right. It is weird that they chose to keep it under wraps but did not choose to "deal" with the "secret" being let out. It does seem that deaths whether accidental or intentional were used to put a message across.
Years and years ago at "Zion" I found a paper with the words typed out in letters on word processing style banner paper, that was in the shape of some animal, the message " I am going to kill you." It was turned in to leadership. No paper of that sort or processor of that sort was used at that location. Someone brought it in and set it up in the girls area. Leadership took it and said nothing more about it.
To this date I have no clue where it could have come from. But it sure wasn't discussed. It wasn't long before "Mother Zion", the owner of the property got real freaky against the family before we were finally evicted, both from there and from TSC around the same time. ALSO, does anyone know what mosquito disease it was that almost everybody got that had to camp out at a park that we got eaten up by mosquitoes at? It caused a sudden collapse (dizzy, off balance and spacey feeling) followed by uncontrolled shaking due to very high fever which would make you feel at times very cold inside and hot outside, and then the reverse. That lasted for hrs and hrs. then the fever broke or lessened followed by really bad diarrhea that lasted a few weeks. Some people hallucinated with it. A few went to the hospital but that was "selah" and I don't know if they died, but they relapsed on it instead of getting better. Anybody know?