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to Perry--teen suicides in Japan

Posted by porceleindoll on November 27, 2004 at 08:34:50

Hi Perry. I need to ask my husband about this again, but the suicide you are asking about happened in winter '86, and the boy was the only son of a scandinavian woman. I believe he hung himself. I think my husband was at the home it occurred at, or nearby, so I'll check with him.

It was definitely hush hush and not publicly announced. I think it would have caused a lot of 'doubting' in the 'ranks'.

The HCS started in '87 I think. Teen Camp was fall of '86, then the JLC the following fall, so yeah, HCS was the end of '87/early '88, it all sort of flowed together, JLC, PI evacuation, HCS, School. There were no suicides there, if so, it was VERY covered up, which would have been impossible to do, somehow the news would have gotten out. If anyone would have found a body it would have been Silas, (Abbey/Jerico--formerly married to Maria Child), and I so doubt he could have kept it secret from his close friends.