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Re: why do you feel alone?

Posted by Jewlz on December 01, 2004 at 01:00:16

In Reply to: why do you feel alone? posted by want to know on November 30, 2004 at 22:41:27:

nah..not harrassed at all. im just someone here who doesnt really fit into any category. im not an academic nor am i politically smart, im certainly not religious nor am i christian plus i was in TF for such a short time. and to be honest without telling everyone my life story, i cant only explain very simply why my once childlike faith in jesus and the bible went completely out the window. I was still a believer when i left TF but through the years after that, my faith left me. I have since realised my faith in jesus and the bible was based on fear. Now my faith is strong but its not in the form of a book to be followed to the letter on how to live, or a man called jesus . its about power within me, and about me, I have faith in my decisions, my power, my choices, discernment, safety, love, care, intuition, & happiness.. thats the only way i can explain it.