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Oh please

Posted by ">Jules on January 06, 2005 at 04:31:55

In Reply to: Suggested reference posted by Volunteer on January 06, 2005 at 01:36:48:

This is the same Carol that you people crucified here? Because she had an issue with Achieck? Now you want to bring her expertise into your (anonymous) wars with TF?

I'm sorry, I was not going to come back here, but you people suck. I despise nothing more than lame ass people crying out for someone to do something while you sit tight behind the anonymity this site has so graciously provided you. You can't even stick with the same screen name here and yet ask for us to bleed and die while you are armchair generals. I suppose thatís what you do at your age.

How exciting and fun for you this all must be. When will you be willing to undo the harm you have caused? Kids are still dying because of what you perpetrated. The desolation you caused by turning a blind eye (and actively participated in, in some cases) is not going away.

Yes Thorwald invited me to contribute to that page, but he was doing such a good job, and 2 Tim 4:7, (ok perhaps not finished the course yet, but have done okay so far).

Some of you have been posting on these web sites for years. What the fuck are you doing to fix the devastation that you caused? I seriously expected more of you.