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Re: Off fence :

Posted by Farmer on January 09, 2005 at 03:47:59

In Reply to: Re: Off fence : posted by sigh on January 08, 2005 at 20:46:22:

Thank you for your response!!Well, I was frustrated, because I couldn't find "enough", so to speak, outcry in that whole thread, even with that link.The direct responder is IMO a very nice person, so I was not even referring to her...but as usual(ref. to the links), you're very well informed & that's a comfort to me, no sinister meaning here.
I am sure, your work/site will continue to have a very heavy impact...also corresponding to the damage caused by us in TF...meaning: the truth hurts TF most.

Before I forget, part of my "complaint was", that
my links are also about mainland US...closer to home...not offcoast-Jamaica, where you can "ship
your problems to".That was one of my points.

By the way, I was by nature pretty much against spankings & "learned something up about that" in TF.I can't even understand the TF-teenageheavyspankings from the "TF-theology" (The Menedisaster broke all dams, it seems to me), as I(one!?) could commend Karen Z./Maria for having once written a very thoughtful, sensitive letter about correction, forgot the title, something about treating/correcting your kids with/in love, what do you think???

That's what most parents are inclined to do, but that awful ONEwifemessing-things up just produced
lot of people, who beat more, cause they lacked that natural love for their growing families,adopted or "natural".It's more complicated than that I know. I am sure, you have a very profound grasp on all these different levels.