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Re: A little naive, are we?

Posted by Farmer on January 09, 2005 at 08:19:34

In Reply to: A little naive, are we? posted by Referee on January 09, 2005 at 05:33:37:

Alright, they should invite each other for dinner, since they live around the corner (??) in the "small" US...just a know, they have in these partnershipboards these fantastic tools of lifechat, secluded, for certain members only, "lounches", privacy guaranteed etc...not that I know much about it, ...what probably I meant most is, to continue to talk things over...of course sometimes it takes apparently some time off...avoiding each other, like in any "good" marriage...however there are countless "talkmanagementadvisers-proposals" and all that communicationstuff ,... we could all profit from it.

Sometimes you have to just think there's more than
one winner in an argument...both sides learn something.When that splash happened, I thought,
goodness, who "killed whom"...ok characterassassination is bad, but goodness me, don't we have some consciousness?When I louse things up, get too aggravated or do something hurts use in kidding myself
& it doesn't become solved by walking the other way...