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my letter to the journalist

Posted by Acheick on January 10, 2005 at 22:01:57

here's what I sent - Freeatlast - can you give me the other email addresses that you sent your letter to?

Dear Sir:

I noticed that you are the reporter on the case of the suicide of Richard Rodriguez and the murder of his former nanny abuser, Angela Smith. I wanted to alert you to the bigness, if you will, of this story that is happening there in Tucson.

The young man who committed suicide was the son of a cult leader, Karen Zerby, who was at one time from Tucson. She and her lover, David Brandt Berg, created this organization to resemble a Pentecostal Christian youth group and then converted young hippies during the late 60s and early 70s to be a part of their movement. They then began to unleash other more horrid doctrines involving child porn and sexual abuse of children. The poor young man who killed himself was their great experiment in their sexual perversions. You can read about the perverted doctrines from the British court case involving one of their members. The brief from the judge is in its entirety on the following site: The British case also discussed the child sexual abuse and the book entitled "The Davidito Book" about Richard Rodriguez and his life including vivid pictures showing members how to abuse one's child and that it was a Godly thing to do since God was not afraid of sex, according to Berg and Zerby. Naturally, Ricky was a very troubled young man due to this great experiment on his young life. He did try very hard to leave this past behind and the cruel mother who cared only that her experiment was a success. Angela Smith was a trusted inner member of the Zerby circle and we theorize that she was sent with some kind of message from Zerby herself. What Ms. Smith said or did obviously triggered a horrible reaction in the poor abused life of Richard Rodriguez. We also believe that Ms. Smith is the Sue that is talked about in the Davidito book who took part in these experiments of sexual perversion with minors.

You can also find out the details of this young man's life by reading one of his articles which he allowed me to post on the same site at the following url:

articles - art/exmem/life_w_grandpa_mene_story.shtml

The story of Richard Rodriguez is tragic from beginning to end. All of the exmembers from this group, aka The Children of God, The Family of Love, the Family, etc., are very broken up about his untimely death. You can read the reactions from this site of adult children who were born into the group:

My story which I wrote with pictures of me and of my family is living proof of what atrocities this group is responsible for and the damage that was inflicted on the offspring of their members:

articles - art/exmem/mercy/mercys_story.html

Please help us in this tragedy in telling the truth about Ricky so that his memory can serve some purpose and his tragic life not go down in vain.

Please contact me for further questions,