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can they believe the lie?

Posted by Matt on January 11, 2005 at 21:29:47

When they (family leaders)deney all responsibility for what happened and try to say (this is what will happen to you if you cohert with exers) will all the family and sg er's believe this lie. Won't anyone think about (by their fruits?)

Is the hold that strong that all will be afraid to think? Will everyone think that this could happen to them if they try to leave and talk to ex family members. Will the hold get stronger or weaker?

Someone told me once that they felt horrible when the letter Irfer's beware came out and changed their feeling about the family. I think that people will wake up and it will help to break the hold.

The Top is already showing how they will handle this by blaming the innocent and using intimidation I've been there and seen others torn apart in the letters. Why would anyone expect them to change and be suddenly different and see what they are doing?