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Family leadership are religious CROOKS!

Posted by Freeatlast! on January 16, 2005 at 19:21:09

Well, as a 28 year member of the Family (I left in 2003), I never "witnessed" any so-called abuse... but now in hindsight, I did. The teachings of Berg promoted ungodly behavior, sexually, mentally, and physically especially to children. Even though the Family "officially" says that abuses will never happen again in the Family, members, especially FGA's have to (even in theory) support the doctrines of Berg and Maria. If you don't, then what are you doing the Family? I couldn't any longer belong to a group whose doctrines support such abuses. Plus, the leadership has NOT legally given justice to those who were abused. This is criminal.
Plus, to add with my grudge, I am abhorred at how hypocrital Maria and WS are... supporting, even at least buying a home for, a care center for the aged... namely HER OWN PARENTS!
How many Mo Letters did we read about forsaking all, burning our bridges, leaving our "systemite parents"... how many?????
Berg did disclose he was giving money to his ex-wife, Mother Eve, to his brother and sister Virginia... and then to Ricky when he left... but now we see it was bribes to keep their mouths shut!
Plus, here the Family is buying rest homes, wedding places, and doing business, but promoting "living by faith" to their disciples.
This is religious hypocrasy at it's best! Wake up, Family members, you are being HOODWINKED! The Family would probably never have heard about his except for now since it's all over the news.
I'm so fed up, it just grieves me that there are sincerely Family members out on difficult mission fields who trust WS and Maria with their tithes.... ugh!!!!!
The true God will give His justice... you have NO WHERE TO HIDE ANYMORE MARIA AND PETER!