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Hero or killer, madman or victim

Posted by ">Burning Inside on January 17, 2005 at 22:44:24

Does anyone else feel that the recent happenings should have been expected. I mean how can you expect to fill young peoples minds with twisted views on just about everything and never expect negative retribution. We've all been victims of an organization that spoke against war, violence etc... and then amongst it's own promoted and practiced numerous acts of physical sexual and mental abuse. I know it was almost impossible for me to coop with the real world and numerous times contemplated acts of vengeance in my mind, but fortunately for myself I care to much about my own life and well being to give in to the urge to make these people suffer a taste of their own medicine, was Ricky a murderer or a victim. I beleive hero is extreme not that the lives of these people really matter much to me but I beleive that in the end morbid obsessing will not help solve your problems. But at the same time we all know we have been driven to those thoughts at one point or another and I beleive the leaders are hiding from their own rather than from authorities or so-called conspiring agencies and they have amply brought this upon themselves. Ricky was a victim by all means, he only carried out what we've all re-created in our minds so many times, now I don't want to instigate acts of violence by any means but we do need to see the reason behind these deeds and they need to see that as long as they continue sowing havoc in the minds of their own youth they will only bring more and more of these situations upon themselves. To those of you that are struggling to restrain yourselves from commiting similar vendettas just know that you'd only be giving in to their lies, they're an organization on the verge of disintegration and giving them "martyrs" will only strengthen them, you have all seen how they're already usuing this situation to extend the amount of control they have over the people that are still on the inside, just remember except a selected few at the top the majority of these people are victims just like we were onceand they need help in seeing the falsity behind it all, the last thing they need is a reason to fear and hence put themselves in complete control of "the leaders". On a more personal level to each of you, would it really be worth giving them any more years of your life? Or, in Ricky's case, the rest of it? I hope this will serve as a leson to the people still on the inside, this is not the first time a young individual commits an act of folly because of the monstrosities the family inficted on them as children, our best weapon is to warn these people that their own children and loved ones are in desperate risk of irreperable damage and confide in humane insincts to protect their own. I know for a fact it's the only reason I am a sane, normal person today, and there is hope for the people still on the inside. We need to let the world know the real truth behind the scenes, not make them look like victims in this situation, because I think you will all agree with me that the only victim of this situation was Ricky.