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Fallacious comment

Posted by Jo on January 20, 2005 at 12:39:47

In Reply to: On tape, son of 'prophet' declares war on mother posted by NewsBot on January 20, 2005 at 07:10:14:

Founded in 1960s

"Founded by Berg in the late 1960s, the Children of God attracted a small army of hippies, leftists and Jesus freaks drawn to a strange brew of Bible prophecy and sexual license. Berg died in 1994 and left Zerby as chief prophetess of the self-styled sect. The Family keeps secret the whereabouts of Rodriguez's mother."
The Children of God at that time and thru the early seventies targeted youth of all kinds incl. on campus where many followers came from (universities). "Sexual license" was not an attractant in the first five plus years. This is a period of COG history that needs to be historically corrected WITH the knowledge that there was behind the scenes liberties taken by Berg which a handful of people were aware of.
Then Berg systematically introduced and sexualized the Family at every level. Had the Family been sexualized when I met it, I never would have been recruited. Having been molested as a child I was far from being a sex addict looking for a sex cult.
Did the Family become that? Yes. Do they lie about it? Yes. But if history is going to be written, at least it should be accurate.