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Posted by Jo on January 21, 2005 at 19:11:03

In Reply to: Re: Fallacious comment posted by SG on January 21, 2005 at 04:41:46:

Understanding and to be understood. It is what many want. My comments in no way negate any experiences of your generation. In fact, I have verified everything that I had seen or been aware of after leaving, and that was before the jumbos or combos started. Further, I absolutely believe accounts of abuse from SGs because I know what Berg actively advocated when sex became the family focus. Some FG had many retraining experiences too, before there were the jumbos or combos where SGs were exploited and severely abused. One generation's pain does in no way diminish another generations, and in many cases the parental generation has many things to make amends for even when something occurred that was beyond their control at the time. As ex-members sometimes those amends are ones we owe ourselves as in taking care of ourselves and often that is put on the back burner by exer FG that left with children because their children and supporting their immediate family was the top priority upon leaving. I left with enough to get back to my country of origin and that is it. I relate to many problems SGs have with adjusting to life outside though there are differences. Some similarities, I had no drivers license, no social security card, no bank account- never had one, so in effect, no social skills for coping in the "outside world". That created many hardships and is one reason I am so interested in finding resources for people wanting to leave or who have left and need a place to adjust to life after the family.
I came to these sites with a huge historical gap regarding the family. I left in 82, end of the year, and that was when there were the first letters coming out about creating schools and kids being adults at 12 and the picture from the letter about "Marry Time" just sticks, burnt into my mind. It was part of the final straw that broke the cult mindset. I felt I would snap, mentally and that I had to get away. There was just way too much pain in the past and present. I had to be out of the Family for a bit to realize God was not going to kill me. In fact, I am agnostic to this date. That being said, I have heard there are people that would like to leave but feel there is no place to go. There are places. Not all are optimum but better than landing with no resources at all and starting from scratch. If you know of any people who actively want out I will do some searching and if they are in my area (Texas) I know some places..