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more from mama

Posted by more mama on January 27, 2005 at 20:42:25

Power to Overcome in Persecution
FD/MM/FM Compiled 1/05

Pray` Obey and Prepare
ML #3420:10-24, 28-37, 59-85, 128-191, GN 1007
10. (Mama:) We all need to be well founded in the basic beliefs of the Family in order to be effective witnesses. We need to know what we as members of the Family believe and why. We need to be fully convinced that our beliefs, lifestyle and goals are Scriptural. We need to be prepared to give powerful answers to those who inquire about our faith, so that we can do what the Lord has commanded us-feed the sheep, win disciples, and build a strong church of dedicated outside members.
11. In addition to helping us to be the witnesses and fruitful missionaries we need to be, being strong in our foundation of faith is crucial when we experience persecution and hear the accusations of apostates. When you face bad publicity, inquiries from authorities` or hear the tales of those who are no longer with us and have chosen to fight us, it's natural that you'll get hit with doubt, fear, discouragement, etc. The only thing that will help you to stand strong in the face of such challenges to your faith and lifestyle is being strong in the Word.
12. It doesn't matter if you're smart, talented, a good speaker or debater, personable in relating to those outside the Family, etc.; those qualities will not be enough when you need to defend the Family and your faith against the vicious attacks of our enemies. Only the Word will give you the strength, power, and faith to keep going and trusting the Lord.
13. Being strong in the Word is what makes the difference! That's the secret to making it through such battles, challenges, and tests with your faith still intact! In fact, if you're strong in the Word, you can come through such experiences even stronger and more full of faith and inspiration, having defeated the Enemy and witnessed the Lord's tremendous saving power.
14. If you and those in your Home have made commitments to not read th