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varios quotes from mama- more from mama 2

Posted by more mama on January 27, 2005 at 21:02:05

Power to Overcome in Persecution
FD/MM/FM Compiled 1/05

What's Your Faith Based On?
40. (Mama:) Remember, we are living in the time of the End, whether you see it and believe it or not, and Jesus predicted many years ago that at this time in history the Enemy would try to deceive even the "very elect" (Mat.24:4, 24). He's willing to go to any length, to stoop to any depth, to use anyone in his employ` in order to do so-even those who were once our brethren, friends and co-workers.
41. The bottom line is that the Enemy is trying to use them to destroy your faith. But even if I tell you this a hundred times, it won't do you any good unless you choose to believe it yourself` unless you get down to business with the Lord and ask Him to open your eyes to see things as He does. If you do` then no matter what doubts the Enemy throws your way and no matter what avenue it comes from, you're going to have the faith to stand on the Word, take it to the Lord, and then say` "I know the Family isn't perfect. I know we've made mistakes, and we're still making mistakes. I know we're still not living up to all that the Lord needs us to be and we fall short in many ways, but at least we're serving Jesus, winning souls, and doing the job! I know where I stand, and I'm firmly grounded in the Word, and none of these things others say will sway me or destabilize me."
42. Some of the antagonistic ex-members are right about some things and some situations, and they do have some reasonable arguments about how bad situations were in certain instances in the past-and even today they could make some pretty convincing statements about how spiritually weak some people are, those who aren't living up to the standard` etc. There are some things they can say that are correct, but there's a whole lot more they're saying that isn't correct.
43. So how do you know what's correct and what isn't? Well, the goal is not to try to figure out what accusation is right or wrong, o