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Blather from Peter

Posted by more mama on January 27, 2005 at 21:16:37

Notice from Peter - January 22, 2005
By Peter

Dear Family,
God bless you! We love you and appreciate you so much. You are in our prayers and we are very thankful for yours.
Since the last update, a number of things have come up which we want to keep you informed about. Weīre sorry that some of this is unpleasant news, but itīs important that you know the state of things so you can both pray and understand. Since some of the details in this update are rather gruesome, please stop and claim the keys for peace and faith before reading any further.
As you know, Ricky filmed a video of himself the evening before killing Angela. Itīs a very disturbing, profanity-filled, 45-minute video, in which he talks about his hatred of Mama, Dad, me, and the Family. He talks about his past in the Family, his desire to find and kill Mama and me, and his thoughts of suicide.
He also talks about his plan to gather information in order to find Mamaīs location, and about plans to torture Angela into giving him this information. He shows the various weapons and instruments he intends to use for this. He displays and talks about his knife, which he had specially sharpened, and says itīs only "for one purpose, and that is taking out the scum...". He also displays and talks about his semi-automatic handgun, spare magazines of which he loads throughout much of the video.
Following is a quote from the San Francisco Chronicle written by a reporter who had viewed the video: "Rodriguez also displays a large Kabar knife along with duct tape, a drill and a soldering iron he intended to use as implements of torture. Tucson police Detective Ben Jiminez said Smith was stabbed several times in the arm, indicating that she put up a struggle before Rodriguez slit her throat, but said there was no evidence that she was tortured."
Thank the Lord that despite the terrible circumstances surrounding Angelaīs death, we know that our Husband delivered her, and she now has peace and eternal happiness in Heaven. Also, in the new