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And how about Mama's profanity filled

Posted by Jo on January 28, 2005 at 15:40:43

In Reply to: "profanity filled" posted by Acheick on January 28, 2005 at 10:18:49:

How about "Mama's" profanity filled LJR teachings to minors on the LJR? And how come "Mama" won't address the facts of Child MOlestation that occurred in her own house as well as before herself and Peter? Talk about profoundly obscene and perverted.
It is NORMAL for a child tht is sexually abused to have fantasies of aggression like stabbing or killing their abuser or to act out in violent ways. For example, a sexually abused girl cuts the hair of her dolls and cuts off their limbs.
What is different with Ricky is that not only was he sexually, emotionally and physically abused, he was isolated and endured this for most of his life since infancy.
What a shame that Maria can not come out and come clean about the past and quit propagating the insanity that causes so much damage.
I hope the youth currently in the family overthrow her and the bondage aspects of the family like LJR and sexualization aspects of it with regards to "the message". It would be great that they could be out from under all that bondage of following an errant witch.