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Fighting The Family's Damage Control Technics

Posted by ">Jack on January 28, 2005 at 19:08:33

Since the recent tragedies that have occurred, The Family has started using Google Ad Words to steer searchers to

The keywords they currently are purchasing are:

ricky rodriguez
angela smith
the family
children of god
david berg

This is another obvious damage control technic. I am now running an ad campaign with the same keywords in an effort to out-bid them and steer visitors to the community-powered/fact-based website

This is turning out to be quite an expense. Approximately $30 a day. Lady Luck has been good to me as of late so I can afford to do this for awhile. However, if anyone is interested in aiding me in this effort I would greatly appreciate donations. Every dollar counts in the long run.

As Ricky said "This is a war!" It's a war we're not about to lose.

You can donate to the cause by sending money via to Please specify what your donation is for. Thanks a lot.