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Posted by Former Non-American associate on January 28, 2005 at 21:05:47

Openness of sexuality in 60’s was obviously one of the attractions to kids of that generation, but never imagined the outcome of its free spirited movement run once by honest (maybe naïve) young people to end up in this, imagine kids running around shouting “Jesus saves” not understanding half the time of its bible interpretations and theological teachings, and so many of group’s writings and publications. Nevertheless it was all interesting and, slogan like “make love, and not war” made some sense then.

More sexual openness was introduced later slowly to the group, obviously practiced only by high ranking leadership in secret for couple of years in advance, it was not a mandate, but the terms and the words were cleverly picked and used to differentiate those who were “unwilling” “weak” or “rebellious and disobedient children” whom God will harshly punish, while giving you idea that God can still somehow manage to love you and not forsake you.

I was not around when the group underwent harsh re-training on its adult members in late 70’ and early 80’, I was not there to witness but heard a lot about degrees of harshness laid upon many adult members, when I look back to think, this might have set the stage for later called “victor program” practiced on their second generation children.

There is no doubt that actual abusers took advantage of the situation in the midst of this new experimental group (not mentioning the founder himself was one, couldn’t figure it out till later). It is heart breaking to read what the second generation had to go through (not mentioning some of the first generation may have gone through), and finally able to speak up without a cloud of doubt, indoctrination or condemnation, although it saddens me to think that many had to voice or voicing still to its own hurt knowing how hard they are trying to build their new life.

Taking responsibility, both emotional and financial warfare of children is not only taught in Christian world. I hope there will be an open dialogue with current members and the children who were literally thrown out to survive on their own with very few help or some none and harshly judged simply because they did not share same belief.

If the organization could not help the problem on their own, I hope they will seek and willingly receive professional help from outside organization if necessary, I assume most individual adult and second generation adult members (except very few maybe) have no access to funds nor savings, saving accounts to help themselves even if they wanted to.

Either willingly or forcefully, setting the record strait with all the abuses with those who were directly involved is essential, or I see no future for the organization to be legitimate.


Former associate