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Here's the translation

Posted by Scandie on January 29, 2005 at 12:57:29

In Reply to: News hits Sweden posted by Scandie on January 29, 2005 at 09:54:45:

He filmed his plans for revenge.

NEW YORK. Ricky Rodriguez grew up in a sect where he was sexually abused.

With a gun in his hand, he filmed his plan for vengence.

A few hours later he stabbed to death his former nanny Angela Smith.

29 yr old Ricky Rodriguez from Arizona grew up in the very controversial sect ”The Family International” which was founded following the sexual revolution of the 60's.

Destined to be prince

Rodriguez' mother and her husband who are the sect's most prominent persons, designated Ricky as ”prince” and future leader since he was little.

The education for this included his being forced daily to have sexual relations with different girls and women.

He talked about how he was abused as a 9 yr old, by a woman 20 yrs older.

Rodriguez left the sect 5 years ago, but he was severly tormented by his childhood experiences.

(He) Recorded a video
On Jan 8, he recorded a video telling about his plans for vengence.

"Anger doesn’t explain how I feel about these people" he said as he loaded his gun.

Hours later he kidnapped his former nanny Angela Smith, 51, and stabbed her to death, reports AP,

(He) Committed Suicide
After that Ricky Rodriguez kiled himself.

Sociologist Stephen Kent says that sexual assault on children was very common within the sect in the 80's