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Re: explain please

Posted by Passing By on January 30, 2005 at 12:46:30

In Reply to: Re: explain please posted by tots on January 30, 2005 at 05:02:49:

Consider the secrecy of TF
Consider the efficiency to hide their real names andconstant chaning their disposable names.
Consider their gypsy-like mobility and secrecy as to where a person is.
Consider that most SG have been alone and isolated from each other.
Consider the organized way TF has always lied and presented themselves.
Consider the amount of dunds TH has to campaign against anybody who tells the truth about their doctrines and ways.
Consider the intimidation exercised over the victims
Consider that many victims still have connections with TF through other family members and are afraid to affect those relations.

There are possibily many other considerations but these are enough to show the incredible amount of power differential between TF and their victims. heir abusive nature that has been prevalent untill now. For those reasons they have not been clearly comdemned by justice just yet.

Currently, people like you, who were abused in so many horrible ways by those who should have been protecting you, are finding similar voices claiming for justice and are organizing themselves as well as getting educated and poising themselves to seek justice.

We were all abused at different levels and in different forms but you were the fruit of what many of us saw as pure but got corrupted by the very maniacs who are still trying to corrup others with their lies. Their own prophet told them that darkness cannot withstand light. Their day is coming when the truth will prevail and you will find justice.

Don't feel pressured to speak out, do it when you are comfortable and in your own time. But know that you are not alone.