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checked first

Posted by porceleindoll on January 30, 2005 at 22:42:42

In Reply to: POW Statements posted by Joseph on January 30, 2005 at 21:43:27:

Most likely their statements were worked over before being posted online. I doubt that many of them are 'straight' statements, but were re-written at least once after being worked over and approved.

Anita Roselle was a baby in 88, I helped take care of her at the HCS, adorable little baby girl, she was sooooo cute, one of those kids who make being around babies fun cause they're cuddly. But, due to her age, and the age of so many posting on that site, they wouldn't have experienced the full abuse that we, their older siblings did. A baby in 88 means you missed the Family's original "12 years is an adult" stance, and also missed the Victors, Attack Teams,... I don't doubt she never was abused or witnessed it, simply because of her age.

On a personal level about Ado and Kana, I have nothing bad to say about Ado, he was always kind to me and we had many good conversations. I didn't know Kana so well, and we weren't so close either. Of course, he was never my 'teen shepherd' and was only my 'shepherd' at different short intervals during the times we lived in the same commune in Japan. I thought him to be quite fun, energetic, interesting. But I don't understand how he could have stood by and allowed some of the things going on at the HCS to happen, and later the results of those happenings.

I also don't understand how he can deny that his son was abused in some form at some point. I haven't of course heard an official statement from him about it, just heresay and other person's writings, but I think for any parent who had children in my age group in the Family at that time of the Family's history to claim their child is lying when the child makes such a claim is in denial. As several SGAs have pointed out on Movingon, they had indeed been abused but felt compelled to lie about it, or didn't realise it for what it was, because the cult did not offer any teaching nor training to its adult members, and later on, to its children about what exactly constitutes abuse. The cult became a law unto itself so much so that it twisted laws and made right seem wrong and wrong seem right.

A case in hand is the comments posted on Movingon from a present adult member who claims that if Mene did have sexual relations with Berg then it was not breaking God's laws cause it would have been done in love and consent. I won't say that this person represents the entire Family's opinion, but I'd say that when it comes down to it, many of the Family's first generation old-timers still feel the same, and if the present Family rules were lifted, they would participate in indecent behavior towards children.

What is making madder as I type is that the Family did NOT make those rules up to protect its children and because they realised they were wrong and harmful to our physical, emotional and psychological development, but they made those rules to cover and save their own asses, and then later claimed to have done it for our sakes. Bullshit!