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PR War?

Posted by Peter on January 31, 2005 at 02:00:01

The Next Focus in the Battle!
By Peter

We are in the year of strengthening, and we can't allow the Enemy's attacks to stop us or even slow us down. We cannot allow our time to be taken up by these media battles and other related attacks when we need to focus on the forward movement of strengthening our Homes and winning the world. We must nip these attacks in the bud and thwart our enemies' plans‚ and we can only do that through prayer.
Mama and I ask that you please take time in your daily prayer vigils to pray for the following prayer requests:

-That the media storm will die down quickly, and that as much as possible, it will not go international.
-For the wisdom of our media spokespeople, especially for Marc and Claire who are on the front lines, doing many interviews, writing rebuttals to the inaccuracies being published, going over publications, appearing on television, etc. They have been getting very little sleep. Please pray for their wisdom‚ anointing, conviction, articulation, faith, encouragement, security and health‚ and also for the members of their Home who need strength and encouragement as well.
-That the reporters that we're involved with will be changed through seeing our sample and hearing the truth.
-For the teens and young people in the Family‚ that they will not be stumbled or have their faith hurt by the lies of our enemies, that their parents and shepherds will have wisdom‚ love‚ patience and anointing in answering their questions, leading them to the truth, and helping them to put things into perspective.
-For our sheep‚ followers, outside members‚ potential disciples, Activated members‚ relatives, etc., that they will not give heed to the lies of the Enemy, but will believe the Word and be strengthened.
-For the Family's wisdom, initiative, faith, boldness and conviction in going on the attack to answer the accusations of our enemies, and strengthening the faith of those who want to hear the truth.
-For all Family members to get quality and feeding Word time during this time of increased attacks on our faith and lifestyle. Against the Enemy's doubts, fears, and mind battles.
-That no one will be bothered with bad pictures due to the very sad and cruel way that Angela was killed.
-That this media storm will not affect the tool distribution, provisioning and fundraising of our Family Homes, for miracles of supply.
-That no officials will be moved by the accusations of our apostates to take action, as has happened in the past.
-For all the Family to be prepared in heart and spirit for any repercussions that might come about because of this media storm.
-That the truth will be preached.
-Against those that want to use the deaths of Angela and Ricky to destroy the Family, that the truth will come forth, and that those who seek to do us harm will be caught in the web of lies that they are weaving, and will be exposed, humiliated and set back.
-For those who do not know who to believe or what to believe, that they will see the truth clearly and will be strengthened in their convictions.
-That those who are skeptical but still undecided will be receptive to the truth, the Lord's still small voice speaking in their hearts.
-That the Family will be wise, loving and full of conviction when they talk with their sheep, friends, contacts, outside members, etc., and answer their questions; that the faith of our flock will not be hurt by this very negative media coverage and its distorted and wrong presentation of the Family's past.
-For the vast majority of our former members, who have moved on with their lives, that they will not be affected by this negative publicity or the “call to arms” to fight the Family. For the peace, stability and well-being of those who remain favorable or indifferent.
-Against those who have declared themselves our enemies, especially against Daniel Roselle, James Penn, Sam Ajemian and others, known and unknown, who are very active in spearheading this attack. That they will be discredited.
-For the continued wisdom of our lawyers and academic sources as they advise us in what steps to take.
-That the academics who have done studies on the Family and who are experts on new religious movements will be given a platform from which to speak the truth. That others who are concerned about religious freedom and fair press coverage will rise to the occasion to defend us and speak out on our behalf.
-For Mama's and Angela's relatives, for the Lord to supply all their needs, give them spiritual strength and stamina, help them to not be weakened by the Enemy's lies, for encouragement, good health and rest, and that they will not get pulled into the ugly media war.
-That we in the Family will have the Lord's perspective and attitude toward our enemies, that we will not get bitter, that we will love our enemies with the Lord's love, and pray for those that persecute us. (See Mat 5:44.)
-That the small handful of vengeful bitter vitriolic apostates will be exposed for the part they played in poisoning Ricky's mind and provoking him to do what he did.
-That the Lord will have His perfect way, that He will be able to accomplish His plan through this, and that we will be faithful to pray desperately so that the Lord will have free rein to work as He knows is best.
-That WS will not be disabled from getting out the Word to the Family.
-That we will continue to use the undefeatable weapon of praise.
-That we will not be distracted from our important work of winning the world for Jesus, that we'll keep the vision, stay on the attack, and come through this stronger than before.
-That our eyes will be opened to the spiritual warfare through this, and that we'll be more effective fighters as a result.