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It's a joke

Posted by porceleindoll on January 31, 2005 at 09:11:44

The joke is actually on the Family. See, back about a year ago was it, the Family had this big huge purge thing going on, or was it 6 months ago? And the warning was that if they didn't improve their spiritual walk with the Lord, He was going to send persecution to shake them up.

Well, someone must have really fucked up because the persecution is come upon them.

Sadly though, it's not a 'religious' persecution, and it's coming from their own children. How ironic is that? I mean, they get the promised 'persecution' and it's not even from their dreaded enemy the ever-so-nebulous AC, but from their own backyard (or is it the scrap heap of broken tools?) Must be kind of humiliating, no?