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about the latest GN

Posted by a poster on January 31, 2005 at 11:45:42

I shouldn't look at this stuff in the morning, because it will ruin my day and make me feel like vomiting all day.

Smith Zerby says one of Ricky's weaknesses was "being analytical."

Being analytical a weakness? Being intelligent and having any critical thinking has always been a disgrace for anybody in TF. I don't know how he survived with those sociopaths and perverts. I don't know how he managed to somehow separate himself enough (children naturally bond with people who raise them) to see them exactly as they are. I cannot imagine the strength and the pain it took for him to live every single day.

She had an incredibly intelligent son. She keeps blaming him and "the Vandari" for what SHE and Berg and all them sociopaths created.

And then, the icing on the cake. The Lord "says" that if Angela had asked him, HE would have told her not to meet Ricky and would have warned her. Sure, go ahead and blame the victims, one more time. They are ALL your victims, you know? Makes no difference where you shoot them now, they are DEAD. Thank God you cannot hurt them anymore.

What a creepy way to somehow subtly blame Angela, whom she calls her closest friend. This is beyond sociopathic.

I need some coffee, and I need to go look for glimmers of sanity somewhere.