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teenage misbehavior

Posted by Acheick on January 31, 2005 at 11:53:09

In Reply to: don't get it posted by porceleindoll on January 30, 2005 at 22:28:18:

I think that must be what the poster is talking about, not normal childhood nautiness.

I had one son who ended up in jail and had me up all night crying and crying. He took a car we bought him and crashed it into a building when he was running from the police. But while he was in jail, he asked God to forgive him and promised to change his life around. He made good on his promise and now is attending a Christian university majoring in music. Sometimes he'll reflect and start to apologize and feel such heavy remorse. I tell him that God has forgiven him and so have we and he doesn't need to apologize anymore. Just seeing him turn his life around is reward enough and he needs to speak no more about the past or feel like he owes us something.

So, yeah, the teenage years can be quite stressful. There are some things they should apologize for, like stealing your car out of the driveway and being picked up by the police, or throwing rocks at cars and getting picked up by police, sneaking out at night with a girlfriend and going to an all night party at 14! We've been through all that and that was just some of the things. It was rough, but they have grown up into wonderful young adults and I'm so proud of them all. Judging by their teenage years, I didn't think it possible. I'm always just so amazed.