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Origin of term Vandari

Posted by Here ya go on January 31, 2005 at 20:29:21

In Reply to: I'd call on the Vandari spirits.. posted by Jo on January 31, 2005 at 18:54:53:


from a video game:
LIVING LEGENDS latest update: Aug. 26 1999
(c)1999 Jeff Dee

To play Living Legends you need a character. To act as the GM for a Living Legends
game, you need a whole lot of characters! Each player creates their own character, while
the GM creates any NPCs. This chapter shows you how to create them.
If you are not already familiar with the Living Legends rules, you may wish to read
Chapters 7 and 10 for a full explanation of the underlying game mechanics before you
begin creating your character.

Alien Races
The Vandari are a humanoid race, with skin ranging from a pale lemon yellow to a deep
burnt orange. Their hair is usually dark, falling out rather than turning grey as they age.
Their eyes have large, dark pupils. They have no particular special abilities: treat them
as humans during character generation. The Vandari are well-disposed toward Earth
human, their world having once been liberated from Psynax occupation by the

here is where Vandari term comes from: (follow links to living legends)

also has meaning in tribal India society:
According to our friend and guide Ayyappa, a member of the Irula tribe, hamlet legislature is broken up as follows:
Moopan- chief of hamlet
Vandari- treasurer
Koordala- something like the chiefs attendant. He takes outsiders to chief; and takes care of whatever need the Moopan may have
Mannukaran- literally "Person of the Mud" like the head agriculturist and sometime performs agricultural rituals