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What's Your Story, Shadow?

Posted by Obtherion on January 31, 2005 at 21:47:31

In all the new reams of "GN's," Mama Maria is denying to Family members that Ricky had it rough growing up in The Family.

But apparently, as deluded as they are, The Family knows outsiders will look askance on the "liberal liberality" he experienced, and thus apparently felt compelled to tell their academic James Chancellor that Queen Mama Maria *had* apologized, hence on Arizona TV ( says:

"Dr. Chancellor says, "I've read the correspondence between he and his mother. She did make efforts at reconcilliation. She did apologize to him for the pain he endured. That didn't seem sufficient for him.""

Hm. Is she keeping this correspondence from The Family? Surely this correspondence must have a very different tone from these latest GNs to qualify as an apology "for the pain he endured" or as an effort at "reconciliation."

Interestingly enough, instead of saying the "persecution" is the result of the lying, vitriolic vengeful vindictive vicious apostates,

"Chancellor says, "That is not to deny they young people who were raised in the 1980's and late 70's did experience sexual exploitation and difficult difficult childhoods.""

What's more, instead of saying that the Enemy will be routed and will regret his attacks through the Vandari, apparently:

"Chancellor has spoken to members of the sect and he says they are traumatized by what's going on. He also says they will have to face those facts again. There are consequences for what occurred in the past.

"Simply asking for forgiveness and seeking reconcilliation is not completely sufficient."" new