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Re: To the Family International

Posted by John LaMattery (Sr) on February 02, 2005 at 04:38:20

In Reply to: To the Family International posted by Mercy on February 01, 2005 at 11:24:44:

Mike is exact. For years the parents of these children have been given the choice to put their offspring first before The Family. They could have had both their belief and convictions toward their God, as well as the respect and desire to be loved by their children. Many parents will come to this startling realization. It will be a real salvation for them and their families as it has been for mine. My brother, John LaMattery, who has stood up for his children has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can and should be done. Great has been his reward.
Demonizing your children has been a greater mistake than even the abusive practices that have come to light. When you deny that you have harmed them, you condemn them to confusion-Great Confusion. Standing against their fathers and mothers seems the greatest of crimes. The damage done to them by standing up for the truth of their particular situations without the support and comfort and acceptance that is their familial right, is in my estimation, the reason that some of these kids have committed suicide. Suicide is a complete loss of faith. What they know to be true about their parents, a truth that is harbored like a lie in the hearts and tounges of their parents, is an unbearable burden placed upon their souls. Parents have placed their children in the most dangerous of roads- they have placed them between what they believe as God and the acceptance of love they so deserve. It is a sin that keeps them separated from the full enjoyment of a loving relationship with whom they should share the most; their fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers. Why hasn't Daniel Roselle's parents and family stood up to the call that has now placed before them? If Daniel were to commit suicide, would they hear then? Karen Zerby did not hear her son's voice. It was the voice of a child who desired nothing more than to be a little boy, free from the choices of his parents. Didn't the God she says gave her free will and choice, give Ricky that same choice? I think that many parents removed the possibility of choice from their children in hopes that they were doing God's will. But those parents had free choice to join the Children of God. Their children did not 'choose' enlistment in what their parents chose. These children are not "ex-members" of anything. They, at best, were held against their will. They, at best, can only be called hostages.
Their parents rejected the world and system. Many for damn good reasons. Now they need to reject the system they built to replace it, particularly for their children's sake. I'd love to hear feedback from these parents. Where is Mr. and Mrs. Roselle? Why have you remained silent? There is no harm in the truth and the light.
Sincerely, Jim LaMattery