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Ricky's last video

Posted by ">John Hayworth on February 02, 2005 at 16:04:20

The following link is the final message given by the son of "Family" cult leader's son before he went out and murdered another of the cult's leaders, and then himself.

It is an extremely disturbing video and not for the faint hearted. He explains his childhood of abuse in the cult.

This serves as a warning.
WARNING: This video contains content that may be disturbing and offensive to some people. This video contains content that may not be suitable for me. I agree with the statements and disclaimer above. I have read and I agree with the disclaimer and the statements from David A. Rugely the owner and webmaster of this website. I chose to play the Ricky video at my own risk. I am of legal age in my district, county, state, country, territory, or region. I do not and will not hold this website or its owner or any persons responsible for any actions or any effect directly or indirectly that may come from viewing this video.

Before watching the video read the statement.