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Re: It would seem so

Posted by Joseph on February 03, 2005 at 20:25:28

In Reply to: It would seem so posted by Webmaster on February 03, 2005 at 19:59:40:

In my follow-up post at, I mentioned that part of the nature of dealing with real hackers is that you usually don't know. If they are any good, they are going to take precautions.

I thought it was kind of amazing when I ran the IP that was changing things at Wikipedia and it came back from FCF. That to me says it wasn't anyone who really knew how to work.

It's funny. The other day I was working on the area we have setup for articles on Ricky. I had worked the whole weekend getting stuff together. Hours and hours of formatting and screwing around with it.

I went to replace a photo, and thought I had the photo selected, and hit "Delete". But, I had the directory selected, and ZAP!

I just let out this kind of muffled girlish scream. Jane said, "What happened"?

With huge eyes, I answered, "I just killed my whole weekend!".

Then, I remembered that given the current situation I have been backing up more often. I had just done one the night before. Thanks to paranoia, the section was recovered.

That's really the best one can do in some situations. Try to plug the holes and keep a recent backup on deck. If they do get you, don't give them ten minutes of satisfaction.