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Perhaps more importantly

Posted by Reader on February 06, 2005 at 13:59:47

In Reply to: Two MLs expose Family's lies! posted by Coordinator on February 06, 2005 at 12:47:47:

What is exposed is Berg's crime synidicate attitude towards using children as slave labor and a money making asset. What we first generationers should be asking ourselves is why we allowed someone to talk about our own children like that and go along with it. Berg had no respect for human life. We were just money making tools for him.

From Make It Pay! #684:19-21

"19. WHO CAN TURN DOEN A LITTLE CHILD? I give even those dirty little beggar boys something. The idea that you always have to leave somebody home with a bunch of kids because they can't litness is ridiculous!

"20. EVERY CHILD SHOULD BE AN ASSET AND TAUGHT HOW TO LITNESS AND PROVISION. Take them along when you go provisioning.--What man could resist a poor mother with a babe in arms and a few little tikes tagging along on her coattails?--The gypsies do it!

"21. WE OUGHT TO START SENDING OUT MOTHERS AND CHILDREN AS PROVISIONERS! Our mothers and childcare workers could be out going from store to store provisioning"

(For readers who were never in The Family, provisioning means going out to beg for food and material goods)