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Wonderful ideas

Posted by Passing By on February 07, 2005 at 11:59:05

In Reply to: Re: Statement of Mr. John LaMattery (Sr) posted by John LaMattery (Sr) on February 07, 2005 at 02:46:59:

Wisdom comes with age, they say. I'd add, most of the time but not to every one. The Family is getting older, the older ones are waking up, the younger ones do as the young always do. Some rebel others obey, sometimes blindly. My point is that I agree with your observation that some family members must be thinking about their stupidity in letting somebody else take their own stewardship, thus their reward, for the good they may have done.

But I doubt the vast majority of people in the cult even bothers to think about all of that. It is easier to just do what they have alwayss do, finding suckers who will give them what they need.

You say well that the lies and deceptions must be acknowledged but to what point can one not tear off the wheat along with the tares? I suspect we would agree that the answer is not for a group but for each one individualy, personally.

I hear your call to witness to those still inside, what a wonderful idea. I am skeptical because the individual might see reality but they also havge to contend against the group that is inhabiting them. The link to their famlies, their friends, the life the have known.

We forsook all at one time and then again when we left the family. We were asked to not love mother or father, brother or sister, son or daughter more than Him. This is a different form of forsaking all for them but still has the same ring. What is correct? How can one do it correctly? I suspect there is no global recipe.

I think to put your wonderful ideas into a real practical approach and witness, those questions need to be also addressed. In those days, most of us had nothing, others have something but how many of us had children to leave behind?

There are stories of people who stayed in until all or most of their children could also leave the insiduous cult. How to fight that, the "natural affection" towards one's children that family members must have - or they don't?

Even Berg in his diabolical wisdom said that in order to drop out they also need something to drop in to.