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Posted by Linkz on February 08, 2005 at 00:06:52

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Serving the Poor, the Needy and the Otherwise Disadvantaged
The Family Care Foundation strives to respond to all people in need regardless of race, religion, national origin or social position. We endeavor to cooperate with people and organizations from all cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds in our efforts to bring relief and hope to those in need. We welcome the cooperation and assistance from like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations in helping the poor and disadvantaged.

The Family Care Foundation's goals in helping the needy include, but are not limited to:

* Assisting in disaster relief efforts and providing counseling and comfort to victims and others in need.
* Collecting and distributing humanitarian aid to needy and war-torn communities, as well as to orphanages, hospitals, refugee camps and other institutions.
* Helping the homeless by operating or assisting shelters and food kitchens.
* Providing guidance to street children, drug addicts, gang members and others at risk.
* Visiting and giving rehabilitative counseling to juvenile delinquents and prison inmates.
* Visiting, comforting and caring for the sick and elderly.
* Educating the underprivileged, and helping teachers and students with particular educational needs in Third World countries.
* Conveying a message of hope to people who are suffering.

Strengthening Communities, Families and Children
The world's most precious, yet vulnerable, resource is its children. Children are our future. What children become, and the future society they create, largely depends on what children learn in the present. Children flourish when nurtured in a peaceful, stable environment, with loving, caring parents and communities who teach them positive values. Thus we strive to provide the conditions, training and resources needed to help children grow mentally, physically and spiritually in those values that assure a fruitful and happy life.

The Family Care Foundation's goals in helping children and families flourish include, but are not limited to:
* Enhancing parental education through the development and dissemination of support materials and services that assist in strengthening family values and create loving family relationships.
* Producing character-building materials for children and families.
* Publishing educational, personal development and other materials in all forms of media and communication, and in a variety of languages.
* Providing assistance to single-parent families.
* Providing educational and learning opportunities for children, and sponsoring seminars, events and performances that promote family and Christian values.

The directors, staff, volunteers, and supporters of Family Care Foundation include individuals who are full time Family members, as well as some who are not members of the Family. As a separate, legal corporate entity, the organization, operations, finances, and oversight of Family Care Foundation are controlled by its Board of Directors.
The projects and ministries conducted by missionaries around the world are highly regarded by people from all walks of life. People from many levels of society are searching for just such worthy projects to support. Not only do they want to see the lives of others touched by their charitable giving, they also want to satisfy their own personal need for fulfillment, appreciation and meaning in life. In their giving to projects funded by FCF, these people can bring their own dreams to pass, make a difference in the lives of others, and experience the special joy that comes through sacrificial giving to help another. The potential spiritual ministry which FCF can open up is another wonderful opportunity to minister, not only to those who benefit from the ministries and projects funded by FCF, but equally, to those who donate to make those ministries possible.
As soon as we have sufficient resources coming in from our fund-raising efforts, applications for support for an FCF charitable project will be available through contacting FCF directly at our office in California. Upon written request, we will send you information regarding the requirements for obtaining support for a charitable project from FCF, or for managing an FCF-sponsored project. We are committed to providing funding for a wide range of ministries, operations, and organizations, regardless of the religion, denomination, or nationality of those seeking funding, or of the makeup of the volunteer force conducting the programs. True to our Mission Statement, Family Care Foundation seeks to cooperate with many organizations, institutions, youth workers, volunteers and activists, as we work together with them and seek funding for their projects as well as our own.
The procedures for reviewing requests for program support will be such that each request will be reviewed on its own merits. Allocations will be made according to the availability of funds, and as per FCF's written guidelines and policies, which meets in every respect, (and in some cases exceeds), IRS requirements.-Obviously, we can only assist financially as much as we have the finances to do so, so please pray for our fund-raising efforts! We want to help as many projects and organizations as we can, but as of this writing, we are just getting started in this regard and do not yet have substantial means to help financially.
We also wish to emphasize that because FCF is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, all our business and financial affairs must be conducted according to strict laws and guidelines, and generally accepted management and accounting policies and practices. The Directors and officers of FCF are committed to complete compliance with these laws, guidelines, policies, and practices.
Some of these laws strictly govern methods and procedures concerning fundraising. Specifically, all funds raised in the name of Family Care Foundation must be contributed entirely to FCF. These funds will then be dispersed by FCF for qualified and verifiable exempt-purpose activities, in accordance with its Mission Statement and established guidelines and policies. This is very important. To best ensure that the proper procedures are observed, only authorized agents or volunteers of Family Care Foundation may raise funds or solicit material goods on its behalf.
Donations can be made to FCF from any country, although only funds contributed by U.S. citizens will be tax-deductible, unless that country has a special tax agreement with the U.S. Requests for support from FCF for qualified charitable projects can also be made from any country, and FCF is committed to provide funding for missions and projects around the world. If you have any questions or would like any further information about how your local project or ministry can work with FCF, please contact us directly at:

Family Care Foundation
P.O. Box 6070
Orange, CA 92863-6070

(End of comments from Larry.)

As you can see all of this is quite technical and perhaps somewhat complicated. To become a Foundation, you must submit several applications, official documents, and a mission statement, which clearly defines the Foundation's aspirations, goals, methods of operations, financing, character, etc. Once approved by the IRS and the state government, the Foundation can begin to raise funds. Donors who give to the Foundation can write their gift off of their taxes, so it's a benefit to the donor, and the Foundation doesn't pay taxes on the funds either.
The Foundation, however, can only spend those funds on things that help to accomplish their exempt purposes, as defined by their mission statement and application for tax exemption. For example, if a Foundation was set up to build a hospital, then the donations given to the Foundation could only be used for that purpose and no other. The Family Care Foundation exempt purposes are fairly broad, and its mission statement allows the Foundation to conduct and support a wide variety of charitable activities.
Our hope is that the Foundation will be able to successfully raise large sums of money from individual and corporate donors, and use those funds to support activities which are in line with FCF's exempt purposes. For example, missionaries who minister at a refugee camp or who help in disaster relief efforts would be eligible for support for that activity from FCF. Likewise, volunteers who work with street children, counsel drug addicts, help to feed the homeless, participate in performances which promote Christian values, evangelize, etc., can all receive funding for their particular projects from FCF. FCF can also sponsor the distribution of printed publications or audio/video productions which are educational in nature or promote family and Christian values. The FCF can also market those products, as their distribution fulfills our exempt purposes.
Of course before any support can be given to qualified projects, funds must first be raised! Pat, the professional fund-raiser, has been working with the Foundation in the fund-raising arena, visiting various potential donors with the hope that these contacts will not only donate to the Foundation but also introduce them to others who will do likewise.
Our goal is to build a donor network of people who will give repeat gifts year after year, so the Foundation will have a regular income which can then be used to support those projects which fall within the boundaries of our exempt purposes. Building such a network is a slow and meticulous process. The Foundation's fund-raising team of two, along with Pat, have spent the last few months criss-crossing the U.S. from coast to coast meeting with potential donors. Already some have signed pledges to give and some have given gifts. PTL!
As a professional, Pat has taught us a lot about this kind of fund-raising. But before heading out on the first fund-raising effort, we brought the whole matter of fund-raising before the Lord for His guidance. He gave some beautiful counsel which we wanted to share with you here, as it applies not only to the FCF's efforts, but to any Family members who are raising funds for their own Home or other projects.
(Jesus speaking:) The spiritual must be supreme, and the new nation must be spiritual first of all. This has always been David's cry to you of the Family, because he's known that this is the way I operate. Without this vision in mind and in the heart and soul of each disciple, David knew that the Family would never amount to or be what I wanted it to be-a spiritual force and voice to this world: to the rich, to the poor, to the despairing, to the needy, to the lost, to the lonely, to the hungry, to the thirsty, to the broken, to the self-assured, to the businessman, to the pauper, to the farmer, to the grocer, to every being on the Earth.
My spiritual voice must be heard most of all, for that is the greatest need. As I have said, the heart of man is the same the world over, and their longings, their desires and their spiritual needs are all the same. They all have that aching void in their heart that only I can fill, that only I can satisfy. Only I can give them fulfillment and meaning in their lives.
Though those who advise you may know some techniques of fund-raising, they will also have to learn from you, the experts. They will have to understand that you have what the people really need, the spiritual strength, the spiritual depth, the spiritual understanding, the wisdom, the love, the discernment to see the need of these people that are materially rich. They will have to understand that you are concerned for their souls, for their hearts, for their minds, for their lives, for their well-being.
You must also teach them the real reason for going out to these people. It is two-fold: It is to get them to help you to reach the lost and the needy and the desperate of this world, but it is also for you to help them, the desperate and needy rich, that they may understand that you come not only to receive from them, but to give. They must see that your motives are pure in both respects-that you love them and are there to help them and answer their questions and meet their needs, and that your motives for receiving their money to help the poor is genuine.
Then and only then will they truly understand the blessings that they will receive for helping you. Then and only then will they continue to be supporters time after time after time, as they see the love, as they see your genuine concern for the world, for the lost and needy souls, as well as your genuine love and concern for them, your benefactors, those that are giving of what they can to Me, to My Kingdom. Then they will be able to understand the rich rewards that they are receiving, and they will know that they are coming from My hand, and they will acknowledge Me and thank Me. Their lives will be enriched, and their hearts will overflow with My joy, knowing that they are giving unto their Lord, their King, their God. Then shall they know that they are helping My children, their brethren, their fellow man. They will be encouraged to give more, to help more and to reach out more, and this will help many souls.
But this starts with each person who must go into this fund-raising with pure and loving motives, concerned for the souls both of these who they are approaching to help and those who they will help with these finances and these material blessings. Your potential donors and prospective supporters will have to see this love, My love, shining through you. They will have to know and see your pure and unadulterated motives in reaching out to the lost.
For My true fund-raisers are those with a love for the lost, not the charismatic, not the well bred, not the gifted speakers and presenters, but those whose hearts are soft and broken and loving. This is what will move the hearts of men. This is what will bring success. For as I have said, seek out those to be your fund-raisers that have a love for My children, that have no selfish motives, that are not in it for fame or glory or power or money, but for Me! It must be My love that constrains them and moves them, and keeps them from being sucked into the vortex of greed and lust and power that the world strives for.
If these benefactors and potential donors and prospective supporters see this in you, they will give freely, I say freely and abundantly, of their finances and their support and their backing and their protection. For this is what they long to see in their fellow man-true hearts, true motives, true love-the love of God shining through the hearts and eyes of My children. Your voice will be My voice, speaking to their hearts, encouraging, strengthening, loving and encouraging them to help their fellow man.
So having begun in the Spirit, be sure not to fall into the Devil's temptation to try to be made perfect in the flesh or to try to do this in your own strength, in the arm of the flesh, following solely the procedures and the methods of worldly fund-raisers. For I have given you the greatest gift, the greatest strength, the greatest training for raising finances, support and protection for My children. But if you can mix these two prayerfully and with the right motives, then I will use this method and I will bless this foundation and I will bless the fund-raisers. But they, and you, must know that I must be at the apex of this new fund-raising ministry. I, the Lord, am the Head of this Foundation, and My motives for this Foundation are to feed and care for and help My needy children throughout the world.
So look to Me continually as you go into this, that you prayerfully seek Me and diligently counsel and discuss and study My Words as to the approach to use. You will have to mix the techniques and methods of these System fund-raisers with those that I have been teaching you for these many years. And if you will do this properly, diligently and faithfully-and it will be a lot of hard work-then I will bless and I will be with you, and I will open the windows of Heaven and pour out such a blessing you shall not be able to contain it. For I do not want it to be contained, but I want it to be poured out to My children abundantly throughout the world.
Have I not promised that I would do this? I will. If you will keep My spiritual principles first and foremost in your endeavors, then I will easily and effortlessly bring in the needed finances and support from the many that I have waiting. These are patiently waiting for you and have asked Me, "What can I do? What can I give? How can I help? Who can I trust? Who is genuine? Who is sincere?" This is what the world waits for. This is what many benefactors, people that I have blessed financially, are looking to give to.
So prayer and hearing from Me will be the most important ingredients of this new venture. Look for people who are spiritual, who are sincere, who have pure motives in their fund-raising attempts; those that are not in it for themselves, but for My children throughout the world. (End of message from Jesus.)
Our fund-raising team is doing their best to follow this counsel, and have already found some who are willing to give. PTL! It is important to point out, however, that no one fund-raising effort, no matter how successful, is going to supply every project's financial needs! For example, say FCF wanted to help fund one thousand worthwhile projects with $1,000 per month. This means that FCF would have to raise at least 1 million dollars per month, or $12 million dollars a year! So although we hope to help as many projects as possible, we'll obviously never replace God's supply on a local level or otherwise, through many other means! Only He can "supply all our needs" according to His riches in glory! Nevertheless, we do hope and pray that FCF will be a means God can use to help further the Gospel.
As you can see, what started out as a journey to publish books has led down an unexpected, yet fruitful path. It has taken a great deal of faith on the part of those of us involved in this to go through with the idea of setting up the Family Care Foundation. We would not have had that faith had it not been for the Lord's many answers to our prayers and His guidance through prophecy. There were times when progress was very slow and we had some setbacks, but the Lord constantly encouraged us to move forward, that we were in His will and that He would open the doors and do the miracles. And He certainly has! Following is some precious encouragement He gave us.
(Jesus speaking:) My precious ones, I have kept you in the center of My will concerning the establishment of this new venture. I have led you step by step. You have not strayed either to the left or the right, but I have been able to keep you in My perfect will because you have prayed each step of the way. You have looked to Me constantly, you have heard My Words, and you have studied them and taken them to heart and put them into practice, and you have looked to Me again and again and again, constantly turning your ear to My whispers and seeking My face with each decision; and so I have been able to keep you in My perfect will, with nudges here and nudges there.
You are walking on unfamiliar ground, you are exploring new territory, and so you feel unsettled; but this too is My plan. For in your feelings of uncertainty and insecurity, you cling all the more tightly to My plan and you listen all the more intently to My whispers. So even these feelings of uncertainty are from Me. Fear not for the decisions that you have made up until this point, wondering whether you have been led of Me, whether you have gone in the right direction, or whether you have missed something along the way and have somehow gotten off track. Fear not that the tapestry will be flawed through wrong decisions or wrong timing, for I know your hearts and I know that your desire is to please Me and to do My will. And because you are praying and are desperate before Me, I have kept you in My perfect will and I will continue to do so, if you will but continue to look to Me with each step, with each decision, with each appointment, with each move, with each purchase, with each addition of new personnel.
You have experienced setbacks and disappointments, and things are not progressing as quickly or as easily as you had hoped, but take this not as an indication that you have missed the mark or that you have stepped outside the circle of My will. For all things progress in My time and in My way, and I am setting up one and bringing down another, and I am moving you gently and slowly with the breath of My Spirit. Though you may be eager to push forward, to see concrete progress, you must have faith to know that I am working behind the scenes and I am doing My will in ways that you see not, but progress is being made. Doors are being opened, I am preparing hearts, and I am leading the way.
So yes, I have kept you in the center of My will and I will continue to do so, as long as you continue to seek Me step by step, and come often before My face to hear My Words and My instruction; as long as you lean not to your own understanding, but you continue to be fluid and flexible and attentive to My slightest bidding. All things will unfold in My time, and you will see that the tapestry is not flawed, but it is beautiful and perfect, for it has been wrought by My hands. When you behold this glorious work of My Spirit, you will give Me glory and honor, for you will know that it has not been of yourselves, of your own greatness or your own perfection of planning, but it will be because you simply heard My voice and took heed to My instruction and followed in My footsteps.
I will not suffer you to be led astray, nor to flounder, but I will keep your plans and progress and productivity in My hands. I am the One Who is leading the way, and you are My faithful followers. So I say, fear not, for I have established your thoughts. You have committed your works and your plans unto My hands, and I will perform that which I have promised unto you, and great will be the company of those that publish the Words of David. These are the days of struggle, these are the days of small beginnings. So cast not away your confidence in My promises, for of these small beginnings and of these days of struggle shall come forth great miracles and days of prosperity and plenty. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *
We have written this FSM in order to share with you some of the progress of the GPU and to announce the beginning of the Family Care Foundation. We focused mainly on the FCF in order to explain the path we followed to get here and the reasons for setting up such a Foundation. Please pray with us for the success of Family Care Foundation and its fund-raising activities, as prayer moves the Hand that moves the world.
The GPU has also continued to work on the publications side of things and has recently finished work on three new GP booklets, "Glimpses of Heaven", "Future Foretold" and "Parenteening", for distribution. A number of other new tools are in the works as well. We are also working towards the mass marketing of some of our video tools, with the hope that we can get these wonderful tools into the hands of millions. Sharing all the details of the mass marketing, the things the Lord has shown us, the progress, the victories and all the rest is more than we can write here, so God willing we will be putting together another FSM in the not too distant future telling you of the exciting miracles the Lord is doing on this front, and the challenges we still face.
Please pray for all of these efforts as they are major undertakings with far-reaching repercussions. "Mass-marketing" may sound pretty simple, but it's very much a case of "that banana there," with a myriad of unseen and important details to resolve before even getting to the starting line. However, if we are able to successfully mass market our video or audio tools, if we are able to get our books and other publications out through bookstores and other outlets, if we are able to enter the TV broadcast world by selling the Treasure Attic shows to major networks, then the message will reach millions upon millions more than we are capable of reaching now.
The Family's goal is to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. Every Family member is working towards that goal, and we at the GPU are doing our best to fulfill it as well. Our desire is to see the message spread far and wide through every means possible. The Devil knows that if we are successful in our efforts, many will be lost to him, thus he fights us strongly, so we need your prayers. As the Lord told us recently:
(Jesus speaking:) This is a major step in your progress and the Enemy is fighting this with all of his forces, so you must expect that it will be a hard struggle and that there will be setbacks and disappointments. But these setbacks must not stop you, for My overall plan is set. You must seek Me at each setback, at each disappointment, and I will show you how to proceed.
I will complete this task, I will lead you to greener pastures, and I will use this unit to spread My Words to many sheep. But you must expect a battle and you must seek Me for strong troops who can take to the mountain, who have the strength and the prayerfulness and the desperation and know that they need to cling to Me as they go up this mountain. At the top of this mountain you will indeed enter into a new stage in your development, a new stage of Family growth. And you will look back at the rugged path that you have just trod, seeing the difficulty, but thankful that you have made this difficult journey, because as you look to the future, you see green pastures, many sheep to be fed, and much to accomplish. (End of message from Jesus.)
Please keep us in your prayers as we climb this mountain that will, by God's grace, take us to even greener pastures where many more sheep will be fed. We love you!

The GPU team

(From Mama and Peter:) Although Family Care Foundation is autonomous from WS and the Family, we want to confirm that the Board of Directors have our full confidence and backing, and it is certainly our desire to see Family Care Foundation flourish in its mission. We encourage any Family members who wish to help FCF, or who would like more information about their activities, to contact them directly. We understand that FCF is presently engaged in a major fund-raising campaign and is seeking information on individuals who have both the capacity as well as the desire to give large gifts to support FCF in its mission. If you know of any such individuals in your area whom you feel would be interested in the opportunities for charitable giving offered to them by FCF, we encourage you to contact FCF.